Friday, December 10, 2010

'Tis The Season For Lists

Lists, lists, lists.  I have a few ongoing lists in my head.  One goal today is to get those lists on paper so I can have the satisfaction of crossing things out and feel like I'm moving forward.  Some of my lists have big question marks beside them still.  So maybe one item on my list will be "figure out what to write on list #2".

I checked a big item off my list yesterday, as I started my day with my annual mammogram.  Oh, that's always a fun time.  The great thing about doing it first thing in the morning?  Your day is sure to be all uphill from there.  Seriously, if you haven't had the pleasure yet and you are due, get yourself in there.  It's no big deal.  A few seconds of "SERIOUSLY??  ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO GIVE THAT ONE MORE TURN??" and then it's over.  I don't know if I ever told my story on here of my mammo last year, but it was a funny thing.  This year?  No comedy or unusual audiences or crowds in the room.  Just me and the tech.  In, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, and I was outta there.

So, it is December 10.  WHERE did that come from???  I have been feeling like I really need to get some things going around here, but now I'm beyond feeling and into fully accepting that I am officially behind.  Time to kick into that gear I call "Christmas is coming".

I have been pulled in a few too many directions the last couple weeks.  Today it is time to focus on Brenna's party (note to self:  don't ever do a party the weekend after her birthday again.)  Sunday...I am tackling so much.  Don't stand in my way, you may get knocked over.


1.  Run.  Even if it's shorter than normal, I am running as soon as the bus pulls away with Beth.

2.  work with a happy heart.  easy.

3.  Costco.  Can I have a moment of silent reflection, please?  A moment of silence, perhaps prayerful support?  At Costco: pick up Christmas cards that have been sitting there since Monday or Tuesday or something.  Pick up other pictures.  A long list needs to be made for this trip, I'm realizing as I type.  Regular food.  Household stuff.  Party food for tomorrow....Costco on a Friday evening.  In December.  Festive.

4.  Shuffle kids to and fro this evening.

5.  Write out mystery breakfast menu.

6.  ?????  See?  My mind just went blank again.

7.  Oh, yeah...cancel an appointment I've decided not to go through with.

Now it's time to leave for the bus.  And start #1.

Just an appallingly boring glimpse into my Friday!

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  1. I HEAR YOU!!!! And cracking up! Get that run in and it will help energize you to do MORE! Now get movin' sister!!