Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Riveting Review of 2013

Oh, my.  I went from a frequent blogger to a weekly blogger to a monthly blogger...to an annual blogger?!  Such a twist of reasons why I have been more infrequent.  Lots to share, lots I didn't want to share.  Probably the biggest reason is just time.  I didn't want to use my time in this way.  Most of that I don't regret, but some of it I do.  I regret the moments I didn't get "scrapbooked" on here this year.  But whadayado?  Ya carry on.

So, with mere hours left in 2013, I will recap some highlights as best I can.

Well apparently January was a bland month around here.  I didn't photograph much, anyway.

We took our Christmas lights down, much to Brenna's dismay.
The girls made this quilt with their Grandma, with many of our fun memories from 2012.
And I had fun giving Lucy expressive eyebrows!

February was a busy month of tours and travels.  I deleted most of the college tour pictures once I knew where he was going, but I still have a couple of ASU:

 And then, of course, Peabody at Johns Hopkins:

I can't ignore that this was also the month of looooove:


March was a mixed bag of emotions.  Days after learning of the death of his high school music teacher, Alex played a solo with the Tacoma Concert Band after winning a scholarship competition in February.

I dressed as Fox in Sox for character day at school!
Track season began.

Soccer season continued.

Beth and Caleigh performed their flute duet.

And Lucy got her nose stuck in a French fry bag.
And an early Easter.

In April, Alex was back at State for the final time. 
Bassoon/Cello duet took 2nd place in state.

Alex took 3rd place at a soloist.

And soccer continued.  And track continued.

AND, the college acceptance started rolling in.  Although accepted to all the school he was interested in, it was this school that he was awaiting:

May was a busy month.
Track continued, where Brenna took 1st place in the mile at the Freshman Invitational.
And Lucy just looked cute.
And, of course, Mother's Day:
(keepin' it real)

June.  A big month.  My firstborn tuned 18.  He graduated from high school.

Senior Prom on his birthday!
Graduation Day!
Father's Day at the beach.
And Lucy got a bath in a sled.  It came with a free ride around the yard.

Alex went on a whale-watching trip with the Peters.
A biggie:  I hiked to the top of Mt. Ellinor with Brad and Brenna! (Yeah, gross, that is sweat all over me.)
Brad had another birthday!
And we hiked:

Lucy discovered she like raspberries, and would pick them right off the vine.

August.  Oh, August.  This was the month I took my little boy to Baltimore for his first year of college.  Tough.  Very tough on my heart.  But so happy for him, so proud of him.

And that's all I have to say about August.


Brenna started her cross country season

My 7th grade cheer squad was hard at work.
Beth got a new friend, a hamster named Joy.
Lucy pulled all the stuffing out of her bed.

Oh, October.  I do love fall.

My girls kept cheering.
Brenna kept running
Beth's squad took 2nd place at their competition!
My favorite picture of the season: these girls sure love each other!
And Lucy refined her skills in removing the cover of a golf ball!

My beautiful girl turned 13 years old!

And Brenna kept running, though she was sure exhausted in November:

And she ran beautifully at the state meet!  Her season PR was 19.58 for her 5K.

AND...members of the SEAHAWKS came to the school I work at!  Oh, was that a fun "work" day!
Ricardo Lockette.  #83
And he gives great hugs.
And when I jumped up and down when he hugged me, he jumped up and down too!


I think this car would look lovely in my garage.

Alex came home.  Home.

And Christmas was perfect.  Perfection.

And with that, 2013 is a wrap!  A year of ups and downs, just as it should be, I suppose.

Here's to a New Year!  May it be blessed and may the Lord be the center of it all!