Saturday, December 18, 2010

Check That Off the List, And Add These To Your List

Today we made a big, fat check mark on the list of things we wanted to do!  Well, mostly something Brad has been wanting to do.

(I need to stop here and add in a conversation that began just as I started this post.  Brenna is sitting in the living room in front of the fire.  The GAS fireplace is blazing away, while she soaks up the heat.  Then, this:  "Daddy, why don't these logs in the fireplace ever burn up??"  Brad then went on to explain that those weren't real logs....I'm sure you get the picture.  Now she does, too.)

Anyway, Brad has been wanting to run a 10K all year.  He wanted me to run one with him, and I agreed, although I was very hesitant, afraid that I would slow him down or ruin the moment by grumbling.  Well, Thursday Brad came down with a nasty cold.  The upside?  Me 100% and Brad sick is a much more well-suited running pair.  So today was the big day for the Santa Run, where we did "The Grinch 10K Solo Run".  Love that it was named after the Grinch.  It all felt so right...I was a bit cranky about doing it, the tree for the Forest this year was a Seuss theme, complete, of course, with a Grinch.  The stage was set beautifully.  And ya know, I actually ended up enjoying it.  We went a nice pace, didn't try to make it a race at all.  The jingle of the bells bouncing off people was a bit annoying, but I still enjoyed it.  I mean it.  I enjoyed it.  I've never run 10,000 miles before today.  What's that?  It was 10 Kilometers?!  (Thanks, Michael Scott for the laughs along the route.)  Still, I've never run 6.2 miles before.  And it actually felt good.  Stopped twice just long enough to blow my nose (sorry, cold + running = needing to blow your nose.  deal with it.), but otherwise ran the whole route.  Including hills that I didn't even realize were there until the second loop of this route.  Felt gooood.

A post run picture with Santa.  I don't know what type of facial products he's using, but he sure does have some wrinkle-free, beautiful skin for a man of such advanced age.  And, bless his heart, he ran the 5K in his full uniform!  He said he mostly walked.  But again, for his age???

This one's for you, Brenda and Ellen!  I had to get my picture with this sweet family of Seuss-ness!  I even told them about our tree!!

So happy that Brad was able to check this off his list, and so glad I was able to do this with him!

Switching stockings.  I haven't had a stocking since I was a kid.  And there is a running joke about the lameness of the stocking filling in my childhood.  But this year I decided that Brad and I need to have a stocking.  I was going to find/make the perfect stockings for us, and we were going to have stockings for the first time since childhood!  And then reality hit.  It's just one more thing to do, and it has dropped off the list.  Maybe next year.  But, in case you have a stocking in your home that needs filling, I have some great suggestions:

1.  Aveeno Active Naturals Positively Nourishing Smoothing Body Wash
~it's as great as the name is long.  throw in one of those poofy scrubby things, and you will emerge from the shower feeling so happily exfoliated and smooth!  it has a slight almond-y scent, but not strong at all.  love it.

2.  Any music by David Nevue .  I love piano music, plain and simple.  This music is so beautifully peaceful.  I love having it playing in the background.  It calms me...

3.  The pre-purchase of this book.  If you have a Kindle, you can download it now.  I cannot wait for this to be released.  I have loved the writing of this gal, and if you go to her website, you will hear the above music playing on the site.  Her writing is so peaceful and magical and God-breathed...

4.  Whatever you do, be sure to request that an orange fills the entire toe of your stocking.  And think of me.

Tomorrow I will contine with the 12 Days of Breakfasts!  Oooh...stay tuned!

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