Thursday, December 30, 2010

Can You Picture This With Me?

I really need to start bringing my camera EVERYWHERE with me.  This week has been so ripe with photographic opportunities, opportunities that would translate into so many blogging opportunities.  Blogging opportunities that would translate into preserving such precious memories of this week, a week that has left me with oodles of stories.  I just wish I could download the pictures that accompany them from my mind to this blog so you could all enjoy them as much as I am.  I'm sitting here grinning away at the pictures in my mind.  Please trust me, that while my words may fail to paint a sufficient picture, these moments were funny.

I could stretch each of these stories into their own post, but without proper pictorial accompaniment, I just can't bring myself there.  So I'll just list them.  Face it, I just wanted to make a list.

1.  The "We Are Too Young To Be This Old" Moment:

Brad and I went out to lunch this week.  I don't want to name the restaurant, because I don't want to say anything negative about a place.  It's not the place's fault.  But I will say it's a place that has been in our area forever, and provides beautiful views of Tumwater Falls.  We got there about 1:00, were seated at a lovely window table.  We began to look around and noticed that we were the only non-senior citizens in the entire place, other than a couple of the staff.  Many were obviously small groups of friends that were having their "Christmas lunch", exchanging gifts and all.  Right after our food was delivered, I noticed a young man, about 15-ish, leaving his table.  Ha!  It wasn't an exclusive place afterall!  And then he went to sweetly offer his arm to his grandmother and help her away from the table.  Two tables behind us was a group of four women who were cackling and talking all through their lunch, having a grand time.  Next to us was a man eating alone, keeping his eye on the group.  He had a chat with the waitress, then she approached their table and says, "The gentleman over there wishes to buy you ladies a glass of wine!"  How cute is that?!  They quickly declined, saying, "Oh, honey, we can't drink wine because of the medication we are on!"  To which he shouts back, "Tea???"  They quickly gathered their things and began to leave, but they did stop by his table and thank him.  So cute.

Continuing with the acting like we are old date, after Brad and I finished our lunch we ran down to Costco to, I kid you not, pick up my prescription.  Standing in line at the pharmacy, I ran into a sweet friend who I do not see often enough.  (Hi, Lois!)  We honest-to-goodness stood there and talked about the craziness of health insurance prescription coverage and all.  Lois is way too young to be that old too, but I sucked her right into my state of mind.

2.  The "These NEVER go on sale!" Moment:

That same evening, we ran some errands with two of the kids.  We ended up at Marshalls, with Brad and Alex looking through man-type stuff, and Brenna and I over at the girlie-type stuff.  Brad wandered over to where I was to see if I "was done".  I was flipping through items on the sportswear clearance rack, with Brad directly opposite me.  I heard him say, "Oh!", and could tell he had pulled something out.  All I could see was that it was black and he was fishing for the price tag.  "These NEVER go on sale!", he muttered.  I finally asked him what he found, and he holds up a pair of LADIES SHORT BLACK NYLON workout shorts.  You know, those short-shorts that even if you are 20 and a size 00 you shouldn't be wearing.  The ones that say, "Look at me!!"??  Yeah, my MAN is holding those up at me.  My cheeks immediately were burning, and I said without moving my lips, "Put those back!"  I was hoping no one knew I was with him at that moment.  He looked a little perplexed at my reaction, like I was the one with the problem.  (Oh, how I wish I had a picture of Brad holding up those shorts!)  I said, "Brad, really, put them down," without even moving my lips, again trying to not appear that I was with him.  It finally occurred to him what he was holding, and he says with all the Brad innocence, "I just thought they were Speedos.  Speedos never go on sale." 

3.  The "Knee-High Sports Socks and Short Track Shorts Would Complete The Look" Moment:

Tonight Brad and I went to work out.  We spent the first 30 minutes on side-by-side ellipticals.  He likes to show-off and crank up his incline like he's really cool.  (That's code for "he whoops me, and I'm too competitive to not let it bother me.")  After those 30 minutes, I got onto the other elliptical-type machine that I don't even know what the name is but I love it and it really whoops me for another 30 minutes.  While I did that, Brad did some weights to try to look even cooler, and then got on the treadmill behind me to run a couple miles.  Cuz he's really cool like that.  I caught a glimpse of his reflection in the window and thought I saw something strange, so I made the mistake of turning my head to get a look at him.  Oh, dear.  What a sight I beheld in that moment.  This cool man had taken his sweat towel and wrapped it around his forehead, tying it in the a sweatband headband.  It was pure, straight forward dorkiness.  I laughed/rolled my eyes/quickly turned around all at the same time.  In the reflection of the window, I saw that he took the towel off.  I'm his true North.  The rest of my workout I continued to laugh, picturing him with the complete ensemble of knee-high sport socks, with the colored stripes at the top and SHORT track shorts. 

4.  The "EH?  What's That You Say?" Moment:

During those first 30 minutes of the workout, we had some exchanges that so truly illustrate many moments Brad and I share.  Now, I will just put out there that it's probably me.  I probably mumble and don't enunciate and speak too softly.  Maybe, just maybe, Brad had some difficulty on his end.  Either way, he often doesn't hear what I've said.  When we are running together, I say, "Oh, forget it!" more often that anything else.  It takes too much breath to repeat myself.

Today?  (Stop right here and jump to the next paragraph if you are a male.)  About 45 seconds into the workout, I realized I had completely forgotten to put on my sport's bra, which I have never done.  I was immediately self-conscious and wondered if anyone would be able to tell.  (I know no one's looking, but you know.)  So I said to Brad, "I forgot to change into my sports bra!"  He says, "Oh, are you going to hop off and then come back?"  "WHAT??"  He somehow thought I had to use the bathroom.  I don't know.

A few minutes later, a mom brought in her little boy, about 4 years old, while she did a few sets of weights.  I said, "I can't imagine the people here would be too happy to see that little guy around those weights."  And his reply, "I know, SIX hours??!!"  I didn't even ask for that explanation.  I just rolled my eyes and cranked up the incline.  I still don't have any clue what he thought I said.  And I guess no picture would have helped illustrate this scene.  Unless it was me rolling my eyes.  But it is a wee more example of how we are too young to be this old.

Just a few glimpses into my week.  And I still have more to capture here.  But I just looked at the clock and realize I have few precious hours until I have to be up and eager for our latest adventure.  I'm sure tomorrow will bring plenty more stories to tell, hopefully with pictures this time!

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