Thursday, December 2, 2010

In Case You Need to Add Some Christmas Tunes to Your Playlist

When I came home from a fast and furious trip to Costco today, I found my own little Partridge Family makin' some Christmas music.  It was a sweet and funny sight...and a sweet and funny sound!

So, in case you'd like to add this sweet sound to your playlist, I would like to first introduce you to my cast of characters:

Alex on bassoon, Brenna on flute, and Beth (with a little help from her friend, Shivers) on percussion.

Now, please adjust the volume on your computer for your listening pleasure:

I guess all we're missing is me on the keyboard and Brad, in a blue polyester leisure suit, pulling up to the house in a colorful bus.

In any case, hope that gave you as much of a laugh as it did us! 


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Look at my talented friends! That was so much fun to watch! You guys are so awesome... pretty sure that just made my day!

  2. Can I be Lori on the keyboard? She had such groovy hair, I'd have to work on growing mine out.
    Nice video Carlson Crew!

  3. Very nice! As soon as I turned on the videos the boys came running over to see what was making music. They were surprised to see it was their cousins! You guys even included carol the bells, my Christmas favorite! Nice job, guys!! :) You sound great!