Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Photo A Day ~ Day 1

Oh my goodness...apparently today is April 1st!  My thoughts are a bit sluggish these last couple days.  It's the lack of fiber, I think.

So off we go with the Photo A Day!  I really had intended to be creative with this.  But then I forgot about it.  And then remembered and forgot again.  I'm squeaking in under the wire with Day One ~ My Reflection!

If I had been on the ball today, I had many great opportunities to do a fun picture.  But alas, all I have to offer is a dorky bathroom shot with a very handsome man and a lovely cookie.

I need to say something about that cookie.

We stumbled into this beauty at Trader Joes:

Just sit on that awhile.  Journey to the Center of the Cookie.  I can hardly stand it.  Delicious.  I could carry on and on about how I really see my reflection in the glistening pool of chocolate in that cookie.  But I will spare myself the effort of thought and time that would require.

Day 2 is coming very quickly.  Wanna play?  Here are the remaining days:

2. soft
3. warm
4. tiny
5. strong
6. mail
7. lunch
8. sunset
9. shadow
10. something you're thankful for
11. where you ate breakfast
12. the last thing you bought
13. hair
14. a younger you
15. comfortable
16. words
17. looking down
18. flower
19. color
20. liquid
21. vegetable
22. looking up
23. 3 pm
24. sweet
25. something you drew
26. happy
27. a circle
28. inside your purse or wallet
29. peaceful
30. yummy

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