Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 12 ~ What I Bought

Oh, my goodness.  I almost completely forgot.  I'm so glad I bought something today, and that it's something worthy of sharing.

After a long walk around the lake on this beautiful evening, we went here:

This place is so very, very it so much.  Love.  It.  Burrito...with pork, mild salsa, corn salsa, brown rice, black beans and pinto beans, jack cheese and guacamole.  So.  Good.

It was the perfect way to end this bizarre day.  Getting a text at school to find out your son is in a full lockdown because of a report of a man in the neighborhood with a rifle?  Not fun news.  Then coming home to witness a man get hit on his bike by a huge 4x4 truck...and that truck continue on driving as if nothing happened?  Uh,  That is not okay!  So I followed the truck.  With 911 on the phone.  Got his license plate number.  Then a state trooper came to my house to have me fill out a witness statement form because they are charging the driver.  A bit more excitement than I like to have in one day.  Craziness indeed.

So to take advantage of this beautiful evening walking around the lake and then eating Chipotle?  The perfect way to balance the day back to where it should be!


  1. Leanne, You are my hero. Good for you. I am glad they got them. I don't understand driving away, I never will.


  2. Wow, I would want you driving by if I got hit by a hit-and-run driver! Good job Trooper Leanne! You blessed the biker in a huge way today!

  3. wow,you brave girl, so proud of you!