Monday, April 30, 2012


Eek!  Tomorrow is May!  I think April has zoomed by at super-warp speed this year.  And I can't stand things left unfinished, so I must finish up my Photo-A-Day for April!  Here goes 4 days crammed into one.  Which, now that I think about it, is very fitting for how the days roll in my life. 

Day 27:  CIRCLE

This is a circle of beauty.  A little travelin' treat as we headed down the road for Ellensburg!


Well, this was a good day for a picture inside my purse!  Sheesh.  This was taken just after Alex played his solo on Saturday.  We were travelling, keep that in mind.  I kept my prescriptions in my purse so they wouldn't get too hot locked in the car, I don't normally pack them around.  And I had my book to keep me distracted while I hurried up and waited.  And there's a copy of Alex's Mozart music.  Goodness gracious.


This wasn't taken yesterday, but it absolutely screams peaceful.  Wait...can peace scream?  How 'bout it softly beckons you to peaceful?  Whatever.

Brad is sitting about 10 feet away from me, emailing pictures from his phone that he thinks I should use for peaceful.  So here ya go, Brad.  Peace.

Day 30:  YUMMY

Aw, my perfection in the yumminess department.  Apparently I have a "longing for summer" theme going on today. 

And, with that, my photo a day (though not all taken on the day) is complete!  Let's have a happy May!!

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