Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 22 ~ Vegetables

Vegetables today, huh?  Well, I could easily morph this into a long rambling about the beautiful sunshine, and all the vitamin D I soaked up these last 2 days, and that vitamin loaded orb in the sky MUST be a vegetable if it provides vitamins, right?

Or not.

But here's another tie-in to the beautiful day...we grilled my favorite summertime veggies tonight.  And by "we" I mean one of us fired up the grill and the other of us did all the prep and cooking.  Not that I mind at all, it just struck me as I typed "we" that I was woefully misusing that word.

It should be obvious by now that my brain is a bit tired and scattered and ADD tonight.  It's trying desperately to slow down and chill, but it can't quite get there yet.

SO back to the veggies!!

This tasted like summer.  Just any kind of sausage or brats.  Chopped peppers in all sunshine colors, chunks of tomatoes, chunks of sweet onion...skewer them up and sprinkle liberally with Johnny's seasoned salt and garlic powder.  Serve with plenty-o-rice and yuuuuum.  Bursting with flavors.  Love them.

And that's all I have to say about veggies.

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  1. yu-ummmm, and looks like you enjoyed this sun as well. whoop, whoop!