Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 23 ~ 3 pm

3 pm!  In the interest of full disclosure, this was actually taken about 3:21.  Because if I posted a picture of exactly 3 pm it wouldn't be bloggable.


3 pm!

Fresh home from work, a delightfully gorgeous day once I grabbed my new book and an iced coffee.  I thought I'd relax while Brad worked.  We are beginning a re-do of our backyard...and the best way for me to help at this stage is to sit nearby and relax.  And my faithful buddy rested near me...pathetically telling me about his rough morning:  Cortisone shots for the aching joints, antibiotics for the skin infection, being weighed.  Poor old dog.  We are hoping he will be feeling better in the next 5 days.  If not...we'll have a decision to make.  In the meantime, on this day 3 pm means sitting by me and soaking the warm sun into his aching hips and knees.  It's tough getting old.

1 comment:

  1. Your old boy laying there made me a little weepy. There is nothing like an old friend. Hope he feels better soon.