Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 10 ~ Something I'm Thankful For

Absolutely lovely that this photo prompt fell on this day!  An easy one...

I'm thankful for my friendship with this beautiful lady:

We have been friends a long time.  She's even watched me give birth!  There's a bond you can't break here.  She is a loving, Christ-centered, nurturing, kind, strong woman, and I'm so thankful to call her my friend.  She has a fabulous laugh, loves dogs, loves coffee, loves kids, loves her family so well.

Too many miles between us, especially today.  I'd love to bake her a cake today and take her out for coffee.  Or stay home and have cake and coffee for breakfast.

She's a beautiful lady, inside and out!

So here's to you, birthday girl!  I hope you know how deeply thankful I am for you, and how blessed I am, how much better I am, because I've had you in my life.

Happy, happy Birthday, Shelley! 

I think I will make that cake today anyway.  Feel free to hop a plane and come share it with me!  Love you and miss you...

1 comment:

  1. Awe...thank you my friend! You are so sweet. I do wish I was closer to have some of that cake!

    Love ya Bigger than the Sky!