Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 8 ~ Sunset on Easter

I'm a little sad to get to the sunset on Easter.  What a great day, and overall a great week!  Back to school and work tomorrow, mixed feelings about that.  Love the job, love the people, love the routine, yet dislike the transition to routine.  This week has made me ready for summer and the downshifting of our pace.

Anyway, today was glorious in so many ways!  Started off with early church, had a most lovely 70 degree day, time with just my family, a nap, great food, lots-o-laughs...absolutely perfect.  We all feel like this was the best Easter we can remember!  Simple, satisfying.

I suppose we should start with the sunset, so I'll recap in reverse order...

It wasn't a really sunset-y kind of an evening, but Brad still took some beautiful shots of "sunset" at the Capitol.

Just before

Just after

I sure live in a beautiful city.  Sometimes I forget that, but today it was easy to remember.

SO the rest of Easter...

Love my sweet peeps...

Even like this.

Easter wouldn't be Easter without putting peeps in the microwave and watching them inflate.

Our yummy, yummy dinner.  The sunny day, eating outside made it extra yummy!

A beautiful day to sit in the apple tree!

And dessert?  Homemade cream puffs with chocolate mousse, vanilla custard, and dark chocolate ganache.  And a cute little boy peeking out behind his plate!

And here's a pretty shot of one with the vanilla custard filling.  So.  Good.

And one last random shot...cheery little daffodils, huh?!

A glorious day to celebrate a risen Savior!

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  1. what the heck? I think I need this dessert recipe! Yuuuummmmmm! You all look gorgeous!