Monday, January 10, 2011

Tasty Tuesday ~ A Gizmo Worth Trying

I'm not usually one for appliance gizmos.  I don't really like appliances that just do one thing.  I'd rather have a great multi-tasking gizmo that can do whatever I ask it to do.  I don't want 43 different pans for cooking.  Just one big one and one small one.  I'm sure that comes out of having a small kitchen.  I just don't have room for a lot of things.  But, I have grown quite fond of a gizmo that I must share.  I'd love to take a picture of it, a really nice picture, to share, but this is a house in a computer crisis.  I'm not sure if I could get a picture from my camera to our computer and then to my blog.  And the IT consultant is a bit tired tonight, so I don't want to ask him any technical questions.  So you'll just have to believe me that this gizmo, I call her Juanita, is really pretty.  She's a one-hit-wonder that is worth getting to know.

Our sweet neighbors gave us Juanita for Christmas.  What is she?  A quesadilla maker!

Really, she is so cool.  I never knew how many varieties of quesadillas were out there waiting to be a part of our family.  If you have any children in your home who cannot be satiated for longer than 54 minutes, you will really be happy to have this in your home.  A big package of tortillas from Costco, a package of shredded cheese, and a variety of meats and stuff (a rotisserie chicken goes a long way with this), and you can make a whole smorgasbord of quesadilla delights.  Juanita does all the work.

We have made plain cheese, chicken and cheese, ham and cheese, peanut butter/banana, peanut butter/chocolate chip...the possibilities are on-going.  I love the chicken/cheese with tomato soup.  And then!  We had a breakfast quesadilla:  scrambled egg, cheese, and sliced sausage links.  De-light-ful! 

Juanita is non-stick, so she cleans up in a snap.  She grills both sides at once, and makes the tortilla puff up and crisp.  It reminds me of tortillas that have been buttered and then grilled, only with no butter.  Really, give Juanita a chance:  she will rock your quesadilla world!

My plan is to make up some taco meat and keep that on hand too.  And as long as there are always some kind of miscellaneous parts in the fridge, any of the kids can pull together a quick snack or lunch or dessert even. 

Haha!  I found a picture on-line!  This is a Bella Cucina Quesadilla Maker.  Maybe then I should be calling her Bella.  That would make so much more sense.  But Juanita is who she is to me.

 Bella Cucina 13506 Quesadilla Maker

And this post is a special one.  I can't believe that the honor of this post goes to Juanita.  I SHOULD be having a giveaway for this post.  But because of the said computer crisis, I don't trust starting anything like that right now.  Oh, I so wish I could.  I'm so in the mood for giving something away.  And what is so cool about this post??  Alright, since there is absolutely nothing at stake I'll just tell you.  It is post number 345!  I love, love, love sequential numbers.  Call me OCD, but I love them.  I love 12:34, either as a time of day or the time on the treadmill.  Or 1:23, or 2:34, or 3:45.  4:56?  Not so much.  I don't know why, but 4:56 doesn't do much for me.

Anyhow and Anywho...happy post #345!!!


  1. Did you like the 1-1-11 this year? I thought of you this day! Nice gizmo!

  2. And today is 1-11-11. Not sequential but still cool.

    Love you,

  3. I'm not too much into gizmos, but this does look cool. I got a brownie pan, that slices the brownies for you. I was skeptical, but I LOVE it! :) Hope your computer gets to working soon.

  4. I love quesedillas, so I think I would love this gizmo, but I'm like you. I want one pan that does many things! AND is it ok that I laughed OUT LOUD when you brought up post number 345? Blahahahaha! Your touch of OCD cracks me up- I love it and I needed that good laugh, so thanks! And in response to Big Fat Mama... have you seen the brownie pan that is all EDGES! Heaven is getting closer when things like that are being invented!