Monday, January 24, 2011

Multitudes on Mondays ~ Amazing

I feel like yesterday's post was one big multitude of thankfulness, at least inside my heart as I wrote it.  And when I looked back on last Monday, my last item was being thankful for the anticipation of listening to the playing of Amazing Grace.  That just makes me want to keep that list going, because it's pretty wonderful how we can be thankful for the anticipation of something, and that something arrives only to just blow us away more than we could ever anticipate.

This week had its giant-sized struggles with the passing of a great, great man.  And the service yesterday was beautifully done.  Beautiful.  There are not many better ways to be inspired towards gratitude than to watch a family say goodbye to a man who left too young.  Watching a life somehow summarized in a slideshow of pictures and series of letters makes me acutely aware of how very much there is all around us to be grateful for.  Every day is such a gift.

116.  Breathing without thinking about it.
117.  Time.
118.  Hugging someone who is feeling like you are feeling.
119.  Brad's snoring that wakes me up.  He's there.
120.  Not leaving anything unsaid at the end of each day.
121.  Music that moves you.
122.  A son's heart to play moving music.
123.  Realizing I ran .6 miles further than I meant to.
124.  A hot shower after a hard run.
125.  Not having to say anything, and being heard.
126.  Uncomplicated evenings.
127.  Putting a bunch of stuff in a big pot and having it slowly work itself into a fabulous soup...all by itself.
128.  Hot cornbread.
129.  Laughing hysterically over a ridiculously silly tv show, just when I needed to laugh.
130.  The sound of the pages of my Bible.
131.  That grief is not without hope.
132.  The promise of heaven.
133.  A new computer that is fully functioning!!
134.  My own personal IT consultant that built this computer.
135.  The little lines around the eyes of my IT consultant.
136.  That I have never, in 20+ years, looked into those eyes and seen anything but love, kindness and acceptance.


  1. Thank you for #118 :) I needed it!

  2. Leanne,
    I am loving that 1000 Gifts book! I look forward to getting to talk withyou about it! Love you sign above your cupboards!

  3. Okay, I really can spell and write. *with you; *your

  4. That grief is not without hope.
    The promise of heaven.

    Yes! Yes! I don't know your hurt heart . . . but I understand.