Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12 Days of Christmas Baking & DNA Strands

Happy December 1st!

I cannot believe December is here. But the Christmas lights popping up all around me, the frosty mornings, the red Starbucks' cups, the Christmas music being played wherever I go, the big tree in my living room, and the calendar all confirm it. It IS December! I love this month so much. Even with the to-do list hanging over my head, I just love it. One of the best things to ever happen to me happened in this month. Well, two actually. More on that another day.

One thing I really love to do, especially in December, is bake. There are so many things that I only bake this time of year, and they are calling my name! So, throughout the month of December, I am not going to do my regular Monday Menu. Instead, I'm going to offer up "The 12 Days of Baking". They won't be consecutive days, because that would frankly be just too much pressure. But between now and whenever (seriously, before Christmas Eve) I'm going to post 12 of my favorite Christmas treats. Some I love the memory of more that the taste, but they are special to me anyway. Some you've probably seen a gazillion times before, but I'm going to choose to share them anyway! So stay tuned: the first recipe is coming your way tomorrow.

In other news, Alex is learning so much about DNA right now it's making MY head spin. I've watched you-tube videos with him about cell division and DNA strands unzipping to reproduce and the double helix and self-replication and genomes...my goodness gracious. Fascinating stuff. And amazing are the minds that have made all these discoveries in DNA! So as we watch all this animation with cells dividing and this amazing process of "inspector cells" checking to see if replication was completed without error, and if errors are detected, the cell cycle is arrested and a team of "repair molecules" are dispatched to make the necessary corrections, whew...it's amazing to me that people think this could come out of chance and chaos. Isn't it easier to believe in a Creator when you look at how intricate all that is? Alex's teacher wrote on his webpage that "It's another example of something that would be unbelievable if it weren't observable." And, I guess from a scientific perspective, that's exactly the hang up. If it's not observable, it's not believable. Too bad they are not observing the same things I am observing. The proof of a Creator is all around us. As amazing as "discoveries" are, they've been there all along. We are just catching up to what's always been there. I think of my babies, and me for that matter, being formed into complete little people out of two cells....oh, don't get me started. It's miraculous every time.

I posted this a long time ago, but I was reminded of it while talking with Alex about all this crazy DNA stuff. It's worth watching again. Especially during this season we are in, to remember that there IS a Creator, and His birth is the reason we get celebrate!

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  1. I heard an article on the radio not to long ago, where the speaker was talking about how the DNA code is all just one big binary code system, just like the computers we have developed. Everything that lives, it seems, depends on the logic of how a binary code works. A code of logic seems so contrary to a chaotic event that came out of nowhere for no purpose.