Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Brenna!!

It was 12 years ago - 12!!!- that I had the privilege of becoming a mom to a daughter.  It was, for me, receiving a gift that I didn't even realize I wanted so badly.  After losing my mom a few years earlier, I had so missed being part of a mother/daughter team.  But I got myself a new teammate at 9:35 in the morning on December 6, 1997 when our Brenna Kay entered our lives!  I can still feel the explosion of love that went through my heart when she was placed on my chest.  The tears were flowing with such thankfulness.  What a gift....

So here's to you, Brenna:

I loved you before I even layed eyes on you, before I even knew you were you.  But that love has grown deeper and deeper the longer I have known you.  Ironically, you were our toughest fussy, so discontent.  The reflux made you miserable, and that was tough.  Even though you still fussed, you were most comforted with me.  I spent countless hours walking with you and rocking you, whispering into your ear, "Jesus, give Brenna the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit..." over and over and over.  And He did indeed grow that within you, Brenna.  I think you illustrate everything a gentle and quiet spirit is, and it is beautiful to see within you.  You have a quiet, calm strength that fools a lot of people.  You are tender, for sure, but you are strong.  You are so loving, so forgiving, so kind, such a great friend.  Your gentleness is a gift, and I know you will find a way to use it in all areas of your life.  Your future is so bright!  You are the hardest worker, a work ethic like no other.  When things are hard for you, you just work harder.  I'm not sure I have ever heard you complain that something is too hard.  I don't think you have ever said you can't do something.  You always give your best, always willing to try.  I love that about you!  You are so thoughtful, too.  Truly always wanting the best for those around you.  Thank you for being such a sweetheart, and for being such a joy.  You truly have been a joy everyday of your life.  What I told you the other day is so true:  if I had a guarantee that every kid would be as easy to parent as you, I'd have a dozen.  You are a delight to this family.  I adore you and I am so very thankful to be your mommy.

I can't believe you are 12 years more year until you enter your teens!  I look forward to every day we have ahead of us, and am thankful for each one that has passed.  Stay tender, Brenna.  Stay confident in who you are.  Stay close to Jesus.  Keep singing, no matter who is listening!  Your life is all ahead of you, and I am thrilled to be a part of it!!

I love you forever,

We did not know if you were a boy or a girl until you were born, but Alex was convinced he was having a sister.  He would pat my belly and say, "That's baby Brenna in there!"  I'm so glad he was right!


  1. such a sweet letter to Brenna. She reall yis a sweet spirit! What a blessing to our group of friends. The Youngs are wishing you a fabulous 12th birthday!!!

  2. love this.......and you are are precious sweety, and I am glad the Lord graced your ma and dad with you. They and we are blessed !

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENNA! And everything that your mom said about you in this was true. You are the sweetest person I know, and will probablly ever know. Yet, you are so strong and competitive! I am so glad that I have the privledge of knowing you!

    Hope you had a great day turning twelve!