Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Injured Man, A Relaxed "Kid", An Opportunistic Cat, and A Lazy Dog

Today I've had the headache  pleasure of taking my kids out one at a time to buy their presents for each other.  Of course, it is a z.o.o. out there.  Unbelievably enough, I still have a couple last minute things to get done tonight.  Crazy.  Brad was able to escape work at 12:30 this afternoon so that he could do this:

That's where he's been since then, and where he'll be the entire evening.  And probably a lot of tomorrow.  Why?  He has a fractured rib.  Are we a pair meant to be together or what?!  I'm mostly out of my boot now, and down he goes.  He injured himself wrestling with his "kids", one of whom is nearly a peer in size.  Namely the one sitting beside him in this picture.  After feeling the blow of an injury, he went on to get our master bathroom floor prepped for our new tile floor.  As he lifted the toilet up and twisted to start carrying it out, the rib let out a final protest and did him in.  That all happened on Sunday.  He's hurting, and this man doesn't easily hurt.  Or admit hurt, anyway.  It hurts him just to breathe. 

So I came home from my last round with the kids, and found 3 of those 4 crashed.  I'd like to make myself a hot drink, put on my fuzzies, and curl up next to him.  The sleeping one, that is.  The sleeping human, that is.  Instead, I'm going to make my final grocery list and go join the gazillion others roaming the aisles of Safeway, where I hopefully will find the right kind of decongestant to battle against the sinus infection trying to take root in Beth so we don't end up with all the little sickies waiting to see the on-call doctor on Christmas Eve!  Maybe I'll just set up an infirmary and let the biggest and littlest hang out together.

Tonight's a night of popcorn, starting our annual Christmas puzzle, and maybe even a cheesy Christmas movie!  And hopefully a night of healing bones and healing sinuses!  Sounds like just about a perfect evening to me!



  2. Well, if anyone knows how to help Beth through a sinus issue, it's you. Bring out the ammo!

  3. I think I am laughing, I think I am crying.......I think at this point I don't know what to think....I am right here with you on this post. Hey, sneak a little Merry, merry, you know, that hot drink you like at Christmas? It's on me baby.....