Monday, December 14, 2009

Cake Name Reveal...

Well, the time has come to name this cake!  It was close between a couple, but I have to go with the one I thought summed it up best:

"the drunken mocha goodnight cake"

Ta-da!!  "drunken" as a shout-out to the Kahlua, the "mocha" as a shout-out to the chocolate and Kahlua, the "goodnight" as a shout-out to the fact that it is eaten right before I say got most of the shout-outs in there, Darrlyn!  I don't know if you analyzed it that deeply, but it worked for ya!  You've got yourself a fancy-shmancy Starbucks cup coming your way.  And if it happens to arrive wrapped in Christmas paper, perhaps you could just consider that your Christmas present?!

I did think of one I loved, and I almost entered it myself:  "Hunk-o-drunk-o-chocolate love".  But you've got to say it with your lip curled while wearing a tight white bodysuit ala Elvis.  It does have a nice ring to it.

Anyway, in order to gather some inspiration to choose a name, I had to cut into it and have a slice.  I leave you with one final picture of:

The Drunken Mocha Goodnight Cake

A new recipe  coming tomorrow!


  1. That IS a good name, I have to admit. I still like my name though: Drunk as a Skunk Chocolate Christmas Cake. I think I'll have to invent a recipe to go with it.

  2. WOW!! thanks Leanne! I came up with that off the top of my head too! I did think the drunken and the mocha spoke for itself, but the good night had several takes. It's a good night cause your finishing off with a great treat. and you'll have a great night cause the kahlua will help you relax after a tough day...and who knows what kind of great night you'll have after being so relaxed?? anything could happen...d

  3. Yeah, anything indeed... :) The package goes out tomorrow!!!