Monday, December 7, 2009

Brenna's Birthday Recap

Turning 12 turned out to be totally terrific!  We had such a great day, from start to finish.  Here's the recap in a crazy amount of pictures:

birthday breakfast request?  french toast, bacon, and egg nog!

an iPod!!!

happy girl!

a little sibling birthday love

more details on this to come:  it deserves a post all to itself.  both girls were baptized Sunday morning.  it was a beautiful event, so overwhelmingly emotional.  Brad got to be in the tub to help baptize the girls, and here Brenna is listening so sweetly to Pastor Jake!

a little pre-dunk prayer!

chocolate cupcakes!  made by mom, frosted by dad!!


After a pizza lunch with friends, we were off to ice skate!

the first few laps were a bit shaky, but then they got the hang of it!

Emily holding up Samantha & Brenna

a sweet pair

so much fun!  I can't wait to go back when my foot is bootless and skatefull!

a quick re-fueling at Jack In The Box, and then...

we drove through Fantasy Lights, enjoying being warm and munching popcorn, listening to Christmas music, and taking in all the lights!

just one of the fun displays!

We then headed back home, and after dropping off the friends came home to a cold, dark house with no power!  So we sat around the fire and played card games until bed.  A great birthday for Brenna!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I love all of these pictures. Makes me feel like I was kind of a part of the day. Love the start of the day with the family breakfast. How fun to have a birthday when everyone was off from work and school. Love the Baptism pictures too. How awesome with the words that were on the screen above Brenna while being baptized. God is so good!