Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up ~ Sorta

We have had a great Thanksgiving weekend so far!  It has felt long in a great way.  Brad took Wednesday and Friday off for a much-needed break, so we have been able to relax at a lazy pace.

Here's some breaking news:  I got my hair cut short!  Brenna thought I needed my picture taken with my new short "do".

The Christmas lights went up on Wednesday...Brad and Alex were outside until 10:30 getting them "just right".  Nicely done, boys.

Thanksgiving Day was filled with family, friends, fun, and great food!  Everything Thanksgiving should be.  I have so much to be thankful for, and not just one day a year.  But it's good to take this day and reflect on it all.  To stop the regular life stuff and just be thankful.

Is this a great picture of how we all feel after feasting or what?!

After eating a fantastic meal, we went over to the Christmas Forest so our families could see the final product in all its glory.  It was nice to see people milling about our tree and overhear some nice comments.

The kids checking out our tree.

After touring the Forest, we went back for pie and a movie.  We watched "Elf" which has become a Christmas favorite.  There are so many great lines in that movie!

Four of the six feasting on pie.

The ever-sweet Amanda and Beth.

Friday was not a shopping day for us!  I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in all snuggled in my bed while other people went in search of a bargain.  I was going to set up the tree, but the girls wanted to build a fort in the living room.  I was very easily convinced to wait on the tree.  And they had a great time in that fort! 

We followed that up with a late night of cards with some dear friends.  No pictures, and there were some great moments that I would have loved to'll have to visit my mind to see those!

Today Brad and I snuck away to see "The Blind Side".  Oh, my, did I love this movie!  Such a great message, such a great story.  I laughed and cried.  And I ate popcorn.  With butter.  With a man I love.  Great day!

Tomorrow I'm cooking up the whole Thanksgiving feast so we can have the left-overs.  My mouth has been pleading for a great turkey sandwich, and I have been impatiently waiting.  The tree goes up tomorrow, Beth wears a Santa hat and passes out candy while walking in the holiday parade downtown, and we get to eat another great feast.  So the weekend is not totally wrapped up ~ I feel another great day coming on!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


  1. Yes, Thanksfiving was a blast. I am so glad you guys were able to come over!

  2. looks like a day of fun filled fun! Oh, and your hair looks good too :)