Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beth's Birthday Recap

Well, I think we can officially declare Beth's 9th birthday a great success!  It was happy in every way, and so here is the recap in pictures:

Brenna taught herself "Happy Birthday" on the flute to play for Beth.

Beth with her favorite brother.

Sweet sisters.  Beth modeling one of the hats headed to Childrens.

Another new snake to treasure.

This was a gift from me and to me.  Since she was tall enough to stick her little hand into the kitchen drawer, Beth has been the tape bandit of our home.  She loves to tape things.  Any things. Pictures, balls of toilet paper to turn them into toilet paper angels, stuff, stuff, stuff.  It makes me very frustrated when I need tape for something legitimate and it's all gone.  We've gone around and around about this.  I've found myself ridiculously scolding her with, "Beth you are no longer allowed to touch MY tape!  If you need tape for any reason, you need to ask permission...and consider yourself warned that the anwer is probably no!"  Silly.  So when my little eye spied this desktop tape dispenser at Costco, complete with 12 refill packs, I knew this was the gift for her.  This gift came with the instruction to tape to her little heart's content, but do not touch MY tape.  She got the humor of it, and has already put it to good use!

Beth and her friends showing off some of the hats! 
Beth asked her friends to not bring gifts, but instead to bring a hat to donate to "Hats Off To Cancer". 
We'll be taking our 24 hats to Children's Hospital this weekend! 

All jammied up and digging into the "Dirt Cake"!

Settling in for some "sleep".

The girls kept me hopping through the rest of the party, so I didn't get too many great pictures.  But it was a great party celebrating a great girl!

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  1. Beth that looks like so much fun. What a great idea to do hats for kids with cancer! Happy late birthday Beth!