Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Beth!

Nine years ago today, our family added the missing puzzle piece that we didn't know was missing, and the exclamation point on the end of our sentence.  It all came in a 7 lb. 8.5 oz., bright-eyed, peaceful package.  With several people exclaiming in unison, "It's a girl!!", our little Elizabeth Joy was at once cemented into our lives.  It's a funny thing...this little tiny person you have just met, yet you can't remember not knowing them.

love at first sight!

checking out your world with wide-eyed wonder.  some things never change!

So to my sweet Bethie,

Eight was great.  A year full of huge growth for you personally.  After I kissed you goodnight last night and tucked you in, I shed a few tears as I said goodbye to eight.  I spent some time just reflecting on where you were a year ago, and thanking the Lord that you remain such a blessing to our family.  So much has happened this year, and though it brought some tough days, we are so much better for it.  You have worked so hard this year, and I am so proud of you.  I have a feeling that nine is going to be more than fine! 

I love your adventurous spirit.  Though that also has brought some tough days, I would have it no other way.  Your curiosity drives you to discover new things and I love that about you.  I am more adventurous because of you. 

Your love of every living creature is so precious.  You have never met a bug you didn't love, and you have opened my eyes to things that I never would have described as "cute".  But I see things through your eyes, and you are right.  There is a lot of cuteness out there if you look close.  Or from a distance, depending on the creature!  You have loved frogs since you first layed eyes on one, and you continue to.  You are a girl who knows what she loves!  Being both a darling cheerleader and one who requests Dirt Cake with gummy worms for her birthday cake.  You are a unique blend!

Your compassion for people has exploded over this last year.  I loved watching you open your present from Grandma, and although you were delighted to get the Cold Stone gift card, your thrill was all the hats that you get to bring to Children's!  You are such a fun friend, kind and exciting at the same time.  Your giving heart is precious to me.

You have a belly laugh that beats all others.  I cannot hear your laughter without laughing myself.  It bubbles out of you with such joy.  I've often said about you that you do everything big, and that includes your joy.  One of my happy laughing memories will always be watching you watch "Tom and Jerry".  Although the cartoon itself doesn't make me laugh much, you laughing so hard you have to catch your breath always makes me laugh right along with you.

And I love that you love Jesus.  Your very life is a gift from Him, given twice.  I know He has big plans for you. On that day 3 years ago when He gave you back to us, He made a clear statement that you were meant to be here and have an abundant life.  And you are doing that so well.  You have always loved to praise Him.  Keep praising Him, sweetie.  No matter what's going on around you, there is always something to praise Him for!  So keep singing, keep praising, keep loving so well.

I am so thankful to be your mommy, and so thankful that I get to watch your life unfold in front of me.  So much remains to be seen...and I will take it all in as it comes.  I'll be in front of you when I need to be, always behind you, and trusting our Jesus to always be by your side.  A great life?  It's a sure thing.  Being fine at nine:  just the next chapter!

I love you, sweet girl.  Happy Birthday!!


  1. Beth, happy birthday to a girl who is loved so much!! Shannon ( a friend of your mommy, and to you even though you don't know it ) :)

  2. Love you tons and tons special one! Happy birthday!

  3. Remember that day like it was yesterday...! Special day!