Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hodgy-Podgy Happenings

I am falling so behind in all I intended to write about.  The days keep turning into evenings, then the evenings quickly become bedtime, then we start all over again!  Sound familiar?  Yeah, it's true for all of us.  So, in the interest of making myself feel better that I've "caught up", this is going to be a hodge-podge of events, which I rather enjoy, so it's all good.

Friday night we had the unique experience of seeing all three kids on the high school football field during half-time!  Since our kids will never all be in the same school at the same time, this was a fun way to corral them all!  At half-time, they recognized the league football Bears and cheerleaders, so they all got to run out on the sideline, do a short cheer, and wave wildly at all those people who came just to see them.  Well, that and a high school football game.  Details, details.

Here's a chunk of my squad enjoying the game.

And here's a chunk of Brenna's squad enjoying each other.

And there they are down there looking so cute.

And then here is Alex, standing right on the 50 yard line playing his sax.

Turn the calendar over to Saturday, and we had Beth's last game.  A cold game, and for that I'm glad the cheering is done.  No more icy hands on Saturday mornings!

Me and my youngest little Bear cub.

We then went on to spend a fabulous afternoon and evening with some fabulous friends.  My camera was in my van, and I did not take one picture of the group that contained:  one storm trooper, one zebra, one M&M, one green popsicle/tombstone/tree, one Minnie Mouse, and one curly-haired Cookie Monster-ish guy.  Together they were fabulous!

The gained hour sleep was precious to me, considering we went to bed well after midnight and the alarm went off at 7:00.  More cheering again for me, this time cheering on Brad running in his 2nd 5K!  He and Jack braved the foggy, chilly morning to run themselves across the finish line in personal record-setting times! 

And they're off!

There they go...lost in the foggy mist!

Here comes Brad!

Crossing the finish line at 25:11.

Here comes Jack!

Over the line at 26:43!

And these 2 each took 3rd place in their age groups!  A medal and a free light bulb!  Now that's a great Sunday morning!

Then Sunday afternoon was Brenna's last cheer game, the championship game!  And because of their first place finish at competition, they also performed their routine at half time.  They were great!!

Making the O-L-Y!

We then finished our Sunday afternoon with a work-out at the Y...and I am still being a good girl and riding that dumb bike.  I found a great hill setting at the right level that gets me sweating good.  Still miss the running, though...And I could do a whole post again on the interesting things you can see at a gym.  Oh, my.  I saw someone doing something on a stair stepper I wish to have never seen.  It's working for her, but she needs to get one of her own in her home.  I am not going to digress.  I already have, but I'm not going to anymore.

Ah...that feels better.  Got a bunch of stuff on here that the kids will be watching for!  And whatever's up with the picture load on this post is going to remain a mystery.  I have not the energy nor curiosity to figure it out tonight!  We'll see if it straightens itself out next time!!  Bed time for this hodgy-podgy brain!

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  1. I didn't know Jack had run in another 5K! Brenda seriously needs to blog. Thanks for giving me the scoop! ~Kristine