Friday, October 30, 2009

Always Take the Goop.

Some things just always take you right back to your childhood:  the smell of play dough, a new box of Crayolas, riding your bike over crunching Fall leaves...and the feel of pumpkin goop sliming through your fingers!  There's something about those goopy globs of pumpkin pulp that just feels right.  This year I didn't get to put my hands in it, but I love that my kids got to.  And here they are, enjoying the goopy seeds:

We still haven't baked our seeds.  Every year, Brad goes to great lengths to clean them and bake them.  Every year each person eats one seed, decides they don't like them, and we end up throwing the rest out.  Maybe this year I will suggest that Brad pick out the 5 best seeds and just bake those.

I have nothing to add to this.

And in this one, Beth could not be pulled away from the goop long enough to take a picture.  I mean, really, now.  Goop or a picture?  Always take the goop.


  1. Ooh my boys didnt really wanna touch the goop so I got to dig in!!! Cute pics

  2. Nothing like the memories made in the Fall! Love those kids! Give them hugs from me!