Thursday, October 15, 2009

An Inconvenience With a Loud Thump

Now this is getting a bit ridiculous.  A couple posts ago, I lamented about an appointment with my doctor that was less than ideal.  One "less than ideal" was telling me not to run for 3-4 weeks to let my knee heal.  Well, what I failed to mention to him (because how many complaints can one present to a doctor without sounding like one of "those" patients?) is that my foot has been giving me great grief for a couple months.  More pain than I've admitted to anyone, because that's like admitting there's something wrong.  I'm a big believer in ignoring discomfort. 

So instead of 3-4 weeks, I took off 6 days.  Only two of those days I went for a long walk.  And the pain was a bit much.  So a lightbulb went on in my dimly lit brain that maybe my knee pain and foot pain were related. 

A friend had mentioned a fabulous foot doctor she loved, so I called them up and was able to get in yesterday.  (And I did run on Tuesday, feeling a need to get one in.  Confession is good for the heart.)  I told the doctor that I hesitated to come in because I didn't want to be told not to run.  He said, "Oh, I'm not going to tell you that.  My job is to keep healthy, active people healthy and active.  So I'm just going to figure out how to keep you comfortable while you stay active." 

At this point, his nurse (with blue hair, I might add!) walked in and handed him my x-rays.  The doc stuck them in his light box, and said, "Oh.  Is it your right foot?  On the outside?"  When I told him it was, he walked over and pressed right on the magic spot.  "Is it right there?"  As if he couldn't tell from the flinch.  He then took back his words of not telling me to not run, and told me I had a very obvious stress fracture.  And, yes, he is very confident that letting that heal will resolve all my knee pain since I then will be able to walk fully on my foot. 

Now I get to wear this lovely black boot for at least 3 weeks.  It's a bit of an inconvenience.  And it makes an awkward thump as I walk.  And I sure do love to announce my presence in a loud thumping sort of way.  To help my lower back from getting sore due to the now differences in my leg height, they suggested wearing a higher heel for the time I have on the boot.  Oh, my.  They don't know who they are speaking to.  A high heel on one foot and this boot on the other in this blustery weather?  I'd surely break my other foot.  Maybe that's their ticket to repeat customers. 

My view of my inconvenience.

And, no, I have no intention of cheating this time.  I'll be good.  I'm off now to see if I can walk with a quieter thump.

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  1. Leanne, I am so sorry to read this. I can only imagine how I would take it. Not Good! I can so relate to your not wanting to go to the doctor for fear they will tell you not to exercise. Sorry, Hope you heal fast.