Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Loveliness. Dark Loveliness.

It was with great joy that I discovered a dark loveliness today.  A dark loveliness that needs to be shared.

Oh, my gracious.  I saw a commercial for this yesterday.  I wanted to immediately go hunt one down and devour it.  But life got in the way of being ridiculous.  Actually, do you know what got in the way?  A Girl Scout Cookie Sales meeting!  I mean, really now.  It's November!  But I did get to see this year's new variety.  I'm not impressed.  They also are not bringing back the Lemonades.  I'm not impressed.  Look how easily I digress!  Back to important matters:

So today was a full day.  This afternoon I had an "appointment".  One of those screenings that you get to do as a celebration of making it to 40.  I won't go into the details that I'm really wanting to, because certain people read this blog that may be damaged by such information.  I'll try to find a way around it.  Let's see.  There was a great tightness involved.  And because the machines were all brand-new digital, they got to add in a radiation technician representing the company to the room ("training on the machine" was mentioned.  I don't know.).  Then they also asked if it would be okay for another gal to witness the blessed event, as she was "training" also.  Well, you know, 2's company, 3's a crowd, and 4's a party, so why not?!  And it was a party!  I kid you not, there was whistling involved.  I was feeling quite flattered until I realized she was "applauding" the fabulous image captured, not the...object.  Sorry.

ANYWAY!  After such an event, I felt a great need to reward myself, so I ran into Target to see if I could find the dark lovelies.  And, oh.  It is something to experience!  For the sake of experimenting, I have now tried to regular-sized Reeses and the minis.  I would highly suggest the minis.  The chocolate to peanut butter ratio is much better.  In the regular size, the dark chocolate flavor overpowers the peanut butter a bit, so you don't get a true Reeses experience.  But in the mini?  Oh.  Perfection.  I do not know why it took until 2009 for the Hershey company to present this to me, I mean us.  But thank you, Hershey.  You came at just the right time.

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