Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Flashback ~ Matching Sisters

When the girls were younger, they loved to dress alike.  And I loved to oblige them.  They even wanted their jammies to match.  I just considered it a sign of their sweet love for each other.  Truly best friends, these two.

As they've crept through their childhood years, I've wondered if their closeness would remain.  I've prayed it would, and I've done what I can to encourage friendship with each other while encouraging them to indulge in their many other friendships.  Always looking for that balance. 

And this year has brought big changes.  Brenna off to middle school, while Beth thrives in third grade.  I wondered what changes that would bring.  But here's what I'm finding:  they very simply just love each other dearly and are best friends.  They are enjoying now just an older version of that friendship.  Brenna tries to get all her homework done before Beth gets home.  They still love to curl up with a snuggly blanket and watch a movie.  They still giggle together in that way that warms my heart.  They still think up imaginitive games to play together.  They still want to include each other in their lives.  And I love being their mommy. 

The picture I have in my mind of my two girls is the one up above.  I know better, I live with them!  I know they are older and growing up.  But the snapshot my mind keeps fresh is my two girls right around that age, when playtime was their whole world.  No interruptions like school or homework or concerts or sports practices. 

So when these pictures came back, they took my breath away:

I don't know if the contrast is going to show here as much as it did to my eyes, but I see glimpses of two young ladies.  They are growing more alike with each year.  In many ways.  And they are still best friends.  And I still love being their mommy. 


  1. That last picture is a beautiful picture of them!

  2. I love them, I still think of them now like this. Every time I see them I think, "OH MY GOSH" where did the time go, huh?