Monday, August 29, 2011

Runnin' and Swimmin' and Cheerin'

This was a jam-packed, accomplishment-filled weekend!  I'm so proud of my family, and here's why:  these events were prepared for with an intense amount of WORK!  When I look at these two men and my two girls, I don't see just the day, but the days and days and days of work they have put into preparing themselves for these events.  I love a strong work-ethic.  Love.  It.  And it is especially deep in both the men that live in my home.  They could both be poster-boys for the "Just Do It" campaign.  They just do it without complaining and with a steady consistency.  So, although I have tremendously strong mixed feeling about bragging on accomplishments, I have no qualms about bragging on these men:  their character and their work ethic has earned a little pat on the back!

First up was Alex:  running the Portland to Coast High School Relay Challenge this weekend.  His team was made up mostly of his high school cross country team, with a couple others from different schools.  Alex has been running this summer.  He has logged over 500 miles. This relay involves a team of 12 people running 130 miles.  They each take two legs, just over 10 miles each.  Alex's first leg was a 7 mile run in the middle of the night on a 2 lane road with very little shoulder....I made the mistake of letting him show me the google map of his route before he left.  Eek!  As it turns out, due to a chaotic scheduling of start times, there was massive traffic from team vans trying to get to the exchanges, so he was never totally alone out there.  I wish I would have known that as I was trying to go to sleep!  He was very disappointed in the time of his first leg, he desperately needed to...use the facilities...the entire run.  He lost about 2 minutes on that.  But his second leg was much faster, and he breezed through it.  Brad and I drove down to Seaside very early Saturday to watch the team finish.  So much excitement!  A neat group of kids, and I loved the camaraderie and support they showed to each other!

They load the team members into this chute when a race official radios in that your runner is on the promenade, then all the runners join in for the last several yards to cross the finish together.

official team photo

Alex sporting his "major award" sun glasses that he won at a booth

After eating a HUGE breakfast when they were done, one of the moms went back down to the beach to check in and see what place they came in...

this was the moment they learned they took 1st!

FIRST!!!  Out of 50 high school teams, they finished first!  14 hours and 55 minutes!  Big accomplishment, so proud of them.

happy, exhausted team!

On the drive home, Alex fell asleep before we were even completely out of Seaside and slept the whole way.  At one point, he sat up, leaned forward and said, 'Hey! (mumble, mumble, mumble...)" 

I said, "WHAT????"

To which he responds, "I SAID, do I still have to run any more???" 

We assured him he was done and he could go back to sleep.  I think he was asleep before I even finished answering him.

Sunday, it was Brad's turn.  This was his third year doing the Park to Park Swim.  It's a 1.4 mile swim across Lake Washington, a fundraiser for Children's Hospital.  A pretty special tie-in for us, one that Brad swims with a mind and heart full of his daughter.

And this man was first out of the water this year!!  He started a couple minutes after the start of wave 3, trying to avoid some of the crowd, and he passed everyone and emerged first out!  So proud of him!  Unfortunately, I had to stay home to be at the cheer stuff on time, so just Alex went.  Alex took one picture.  And the picture, although beautiful to behold, is not appropriate for this blog.  For my eyes only.  Pitter. Pat.  Next...

Also on Sunday, it was time for the big football Jamboree!  The girls were super excited, and they cheered so sweetly.  I had 18 of my 20, and they did an amazing job.  So proud of this bunch of girls! 

Later in the day it was Brenna's turn with her squad.  A smaller squad this year, but a powerful bunch!  I love this mix of girls, and those that were there Sunday were all girls that wanted to be there, and it showed.  Happy, peppy, loud and together: everything a cheer squad should be! 

being cheerful

being pretty

being silly

And oh, boy, did everyone in this house sleep good last night!!  Great weekend, great memories made!  So thankful that we are following that up with a calm Monday.  The days of summer are counting down, and we are enjoying the moments...

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  1. I love this post, and you are a Momma and a wife who should be brag, brag, bragging on these people! Way to cheer them on and get them 'motivated' to do such a great job out there! Awesome!