Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time Alone With All The Wrinkled Ladies

This has been a beautiful weekend in my home.  Beautiful silence.  Beautifully clean.  Brad has been gone the last two weekends, and I miss him terribly.  This weekend?  He took ALL THREE kids with him!  Oh, sweetness.  I was very purposeful to accomplish my list.  And on my list?  Nothing.  Yeah, literally.  Nothing.  And I accomplished it.  Well, I read. I cleaned without it being immediately messed.  I slept soundly.  I shopped for new jeans.  (And left in disgust after only trying two pair.)  And I watched a cheesy movie.  And I watched part of the Seahawks.  (I love the new coaching staff shirts, Seahawks.  Nice call on that one.)  And then I decided to peruse some you tube videos for some choreography inspiration.  And I got distracted...SURPRISE!!!  And I ended up watching Anita Renfroe videos.  And I laughed and laughed.  I found one I had not seen before, and I love it.  I've noticed wrinkly-wrankly things on my body that are new, so I appreciated the sisterhood of this song.  A must watch, and I promise you it will be stuck in your head:


  1. Funny, it looks like you are having a great weekend, good for you, just what the doctor ordered!

  2. Oh Leanne. I loved this. It is interesting to learn what one would do with a "nothing" schedule, and I am very impressed that you actually decided to do that, and then stuck with your "nothingness," which then actually turned out to be a joyful time. Perhaps we have less joy in life because we plan out our fun too often? And, I sympathize with the jean shopping. I normally end up leaving a bit depressed from that whole ordeal. This year I did find two pair at Ross, but I did have to go up one size, which I have been fighting for the last two years. Not that that is your problem; I'm certain of that! Good luck! Connie

  3. In the words of my mom, I'd rather have wrinkles from having fun in the sunshine when I was younger, than perfect skin and no good stories to tell!