Friday, August 5, 2011

The Cutest Little Bluebell I Have Ever Seen

Beth has had a fun week of drama camp, and tonight was the big production!  They have been working so hard to bring "The Selfish Giant" to fruition.  It was an absolute delight.  Initially I was mostly excited about this camp because it was going to keep her busy the week that her sister was gone, and I knew she would need the busyness.  And from the first day, she was hooked on drama.  The good kind of drama.  Somewhere in the blog past I talked about "Pit-Pat-Panny", who is a hysterically funny character that Beth will break into every now and then.  The latest appearance was on Brad's birthday, when Pit-Pat-Panny recruited her sister to join her in a musical number honoring the birthday boy. 

Based on that, I should have known this girl would take to drama.  And she has.  She sang a duet, and delivered her one line spot-on!  It was a fun evening, and I'm proud of this girl for embracing what she loves!

Singing The Laughing Song

Bluebell Beth and Peach Tree Maddy

And of course we had to celebrate the performance with a trip to Dairy Queen.  Brenna is STILL gone, so Alex ate an extra blizzard in her honor.

Fun week, fun performance.  And come Monday morning, my alarm is not going to wake me.  Hopefully Pit-Pat-Panny will let me sleep in.  Amen and hallelujah.

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