Monday, August 8, 2011

Multitudes on Monday ~ Back At It

My blogging has been lacking over this summer, but my gratitude has not.  I've been still noticing the little gifts that are all around me.  Still being purposeful to notice them.  Still opening my eyes to what is continually right in front of me.  But I haven't been actually listing them, and I want to.  I want to see this through and start what I finished.  Today I'll just start right back in where I left off.  Though my time on the computer has been wonderfully limited, the gifts I'm so thankful for are as abundant as ever:

421.  Watching a tiny, tiny bird land in the grass and scavenge for something, cocking his head sideways to look at me now and then, but not really caring that I'm watching.
422.  Watching a gigantic crow try to land on the flimsiest of branches trying to eat the cherries off our tree, and thought that branch swayed up and down and made it very difficult for him to be steady enough to grab a cherry, it held.
423.  The cool air first thing in the morning.
424.  Worn out kids (the good kind of worn out).
425.  Comfortable silence.
426.  Fresh raspberries right off the bushes, hot from the sun.
427.  Catching an unexpected glimpse of a beautiful sunset.
428.  Time to be still.
429.  Soft, squishy sand to bury my feet in.
430.  Being able to completely ignore the clock.
431.  Watching my husband and son be boys together.
432.  Sights so beautiful you are left in awe.
433.  Walking barefoot on grass wet from the sprinkler.
434.  The smell of yeast dough.
435.  The anticipation of reading a new book, even if it takes several days to actually start it.
436.  Watching discipline develop in my kids.
437.  Words of truth...spoken, sung, witnessed.  Reminders of past answers and promises of future provision.


  1. Hey, I think I saw a sign like this on someone else's blog today....

  2. I love moments of stillness, I too often let them pass me by. I enjoyed reading your list. The sign is beautiful!

  3. #425 made me smile. My husband of almost 30 years and I sit on the front porch a lot and some of those times, not a word is said. . .it's one of those comfortable silences with us.

    Visiting from Ann's place

  4. I really enjoy your blog Leanne. It is always good to be thankful. Really like the sign too. Ellen