Monday, August 15, 2011

Multitudes on Monday ~ Sitting Still

The number of Mondays left in this summer is dwindling quickly. Too quickly. I want to slow them down and hang on to them. And sometimes simply slowing myself down to think of nothing but gifts I'm grateful for is the best way to slow down the Mondays. It makes me soak in the right now, instead of hurrying on with the next thing. Plenty to be done today, but to take the time to stop and do this lets me sit still in the moment. Ah, it's so good to sit still and appreciate:

438. A weekend with just my girls.
439. Big puffy clouds.
440. Warm sunshine coming through a sunroof.
441. Bursts of creativity.
442. A couple sweet hours of quiet and alone.
443. Ending a day having finished everything that needed to be done that day.
444. A new magazine sitting by my bed waiting to be read.
445. Finding a yummy veggie dip that is going to make the extra veggies actually enjoyable!
446. Grapes that taste as good as they look.
447. My boys having three days alone together.
448. That my boys are coming safely home.
449. Hearing my girls singing together.
450. Being able to ease my way into a day without rushing.
451. Sharing recipes.
452. A movie that is as good as the book.
453. Time with friends.
454. That a day can flip from chaos to calm in a matter of minutes.
455. Making someone else's chaos a little calmer.

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  1. So enjoyed reading all your current blogs! You make me smile and laugh! That's good! Such a good woman, wife and mom you are! Your enthusiasm for life would make your mom so proud!

    Aunt Claudia