Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Evidence Of the Attraction of Opposites

Oh, these girls of mine.  I'm pretty crazy about them.  They have been the best of buddies since November of 2000, when I introduced them for the first time.  Two peas in a pod?  Maybe not so much.  More like tomato and basil.  Both fabulous individually, and go together beautifully.  They have strings of similarity, but are extremely unique.  Last weekend, Brad took the kids camping.  When I talked to them from my lonely blissfully quiet house, I heard the excited story from Beth about the snake she found and played with for a couple hours.  Yes, a couple hours.  And when they came home and showed me the pictures?  I saw the most beautiful evidence of both their oppositeness and their togetherness:

Beth showing off her snake. Notice the look of delight on her face.  And Brenna was taking the picture, which was very brave of her, because...

...Brenna does not share her sister's love for snakes.  I love the look on Brenna's face, as she tries hard to enjoy something her sister enjoys.  A painful attempt.

 Snakes and all, I love these two.  (But I'm on Team Brenna when it comes to the snakes.)

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