Wednesday, September 7, 2011

11th, 8th, 5th????

Okay, when even my husband notices that it's been awhile since I've blogged, I guess it's been awhile since I've blogged!  Oh, the flurry of activity that has been going on here.  A whirlwind.  When did September happen??  I know, it happened right after August.  I know that in my head.  Yet it somehow doesn't make sense that we are here.

And then we took a whole lotta crazy and threw in a very impulsive project that made the crazy look relaxing.  But with everything going on, we sure have had fun.  We've crammed so much fun into this end of summer, wouldn't trade it for all the relaxing in the world.  Unless it was a private tropical white sand beach with endless iced coffee and no noise but the crashing waves and sleep - sweet, precious sleep at my beck and call...

All the recaps of the crazy fun going on will have to wait, because it has been requested that I blog about the first day of school!  My kids were all acting very Nemo-ish yesterday and this morning:  "First day of school!  First day of school!"  Oh, the excitement!  It is contagious, ya know. 

Have I mentioned lately that I really love this trio?

I cried last night after Alex went to bed and I was cooking stuff for breakfasts this week.  I didn't boo-hoo in the overly-emotional way that I'm prone to do, but it was hard to swallow down the big lump in my throat, and I was unable to completely not cry. Because really now.  This is all a bit much for my heart to process:  a junior in high school.  That sounds so much like "I'm almost done living with my mommy"-ish.  And I'm wildly excited about his next steps and his future, I truly am.  But to think that in the near future we will move him out of this house????  Ouch.  And then there's my little Brenna Kay.  That little girl is now in 8th grade??? And this time next year she will be in HIGH SCHOOL????  Double that ouch.  And now the littlest one??  She's in 5th grade.  My last year as a parent of an elementary kid.  Triple that ouch.  We have had a kid at the elementary school since September of 2000.  And now this is it.  I looked at Brad last night and asked, "How did we get here?"  ZOOM!

I cried again this morning when Brenna left...looking so much like an 8th grader.  And then when Beth and I got to school, I choked back the tears all morning.  What sent me over the edge?  Another momma that showed up with her 2 week old baby.  A brand new baby can make me cry even if I don't know them.  But seeing the measurable contrast of how not-baby my kids are?  Amazing.

Beth with two of her good buddies heading in for the 1st day!

Finally back home, hearing all the stories and reports of the first day.  And the verdict?  GREAT!  Beth:  "Best day of school EVER!"  Oh, my mommy ears needed to hear that.  This one deserves a great year.  She LOVES her teacher, and has gobs of friends in the class.  Brenna:  a great day too.  Friends in every class.  Lunch with all her good friends.  Alex:  fabulous day.  Still trying to get his schedule fixed, so in the meantime he has to do double the homework so he's prepared for whichever class he gets in.  But he didn't even really feel like it was a true first day.  He's been with buddies all summer, he's been running with his cross country team all of August, so this felt like he just continued on, not starting new.  In a good way.

And me?  Blessed with my job.  Not a single word of complaint from this girl!  Loved seeing all the kids excited to be back, all the sparkly shoes, those little bitty kindergartners that are just irresistible, a little first grader getting lost from the bathroom back to his classroom, peeking into each window trying to figure it out...sweetness, another kindergartner deciding that not only would she take her sweater off after recess, but also her pants because she was just hot.  They warm my heart every single day!  CUTENESS!    And I'm always aware of the fact that each of those kids is someones baby.  And I want to treat them the way I want my own treated.  Because whether they are 7 pounds and in a carseat or 170 pounds driving you around in the car, they are always your baby.

We celebrated our fabulous first day with a Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie.  Oh, me, oh, my.  Yum!

So we are off and running into another school year!  Looking forward to great things this year!!

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  1. I love every single bit of this as the lump in my throat grows reading this!