Sunday, September 25, 2011

Everybody Has A First Day

Okay, against my daughter's wishes, I am going to share a first day she had recently. I need to share this.  It cracks me up and hurts my ears all at the same time.  We really could be a modern day Partridge Family.  Well, that is if we would all get on-board with wearing matching velvet suits with ruffled shirts.  And if I'd learn to play the tambourine.  And if Brad would let me paint the van in pretty colors.  And the sad part about this whole paragraph?  My children will read this and have NO CLUE what I just said.  Tragic.  Note to self:  have my children watch some Partridge Family over Christmas break.  They'll watch anything that is accompanied by Christmas cookies and cocoa.  Bribery?  Yes.

ANYWAY, I must insert here that I have been on round-the-clock cold medicine since sometime Saturday.  It's only helped marginally, but I'm growing rather fond of the fuzz inside my head.  And consider this a disclaimer:  anything that makes no sense or is rambling or jumbled is totally the fault of cold medicine.  Unlike most days when the fault is just totally mine, today I have something to blame it on and I plan to use it!

Back to the first day story.  One of the most exciting things about Beth entering 5th grade is that it is band time for the baby!  After years, YEARS!, of going to band and orchestra performances and hearing hours upon hours of practicing going on in our home, she still wanted to play an instrument.  I really thought by now the whole thing would be not the least bit appealing to her, but oh, no.  She could hardly stand the wait.  Clarinet.  Oh, you are everything I feared thought you would be, and you are the fulfillment of Beth's musical dreams. 
Let me just say, before I continue.  Elementary band teachers?  SAINTS!!!

Anyway, we have found yet another thing that sweetly displays this girl's tenacity.  Oh, the determination.  Whoa, Nellie.  The following video was taken on Day One of the great clarinet love affair.  By day 3, she could "play" six songs! 

And by the end of day one, I was sitting in a corner, rocking back and forth (to various beats) as I listened to a clarinet, a flute, and a bassoon at various times throughout the day.  Oh, and don't forget the saxophone.  Can't forget where it all began, can we?

So, now you've been given the opportunity to hear a great musician on Day One of her journey to musical greatness!  Everyone that has something they do well had a first day. Love to have captured hers!


  1. BRAVO to Beth! You made my day with this! The music in my head for the day will be Hot Crossed Buns whether I want it there or not! You're going to be great... it's really not so easy getting even those 3 notes out of a clarinet. I can't wait for the next installment of Beth's Musical Adventure :)

  2. Beth is looking so grown up lately!! How did she grow up so fast?! I love how she's playing Hot Cross Buns, I think that's everyone's first song. =0)I think she did fantastic for day 1. I tried the clarinet once and couldn't get a sound out, so I moved on to the flute. hee hee. Great Job Beth!

  3. HOT CROSS BUNS????? I thought it was 3 blind mice! That's just how musical I am!! When I was in 5th grade, I also chose the clarinet. Only because all the flute spots were taken. And why did I want the flute or the clarinet? They were the smallest ones to carry back and forth to school. Needless to say, I barely lasted through the first year. Have fun with it Beth, I'm sure you'll enjoy it much more than I ever did! darrlyn