Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apparently I'm Now A Weekly Blogger

So I'm going to just accept the obvious:  my blogging has been lacking.  I know I'm going to regret not getting on here things I never wanted to forget, because I surely will forget them.  But then maybe I won't remember that I forgot anything, because I forgot??  I don't know about that.  I just know that I have surrendered to the crazy schedule, embraced it even, and let things fall that need to fall.  We are eating a lot more thrown-together meals lately. I am doing laundry based on what we must have the next day, and some of it just sits for awhile waiting to be needed.  But I know this craziness comes in waves, and I just need to ride the wave.  It will calm.  Or at least the wave will crash and I'll hop on a new one.  I don't know why I'm talking about waves.  Maybe because I recently saw Soul Surfer for the second time.  Cried as much the second time as the first.  And it confirmed within me the validity of one of my reasons for not being surrounded by only water.

Anyway, I'm going to ramble away in the form of a list!

1.  Beth continues to plug away at the clarinet.  I think she was a bit dismayed that she couldn't pick it up and immediately play along with the music in her head.  But she's a pretty tenacious kid, she'll get there.  If she chooses to go there.

2.  In two months, I have had only 3 practices with all 20 of my girls. I have had no game with all of them there.  It is a bit stressful to teach them this dance....oh, I'm not even going to go there, because I do feel my pulse pick up when I start to talk about it.  But they are so doggone cute.  If they can pull this dance off, they will make a lot of people smile.  Mostly me.

3.  The little people I get to hang around everyday and so funny.  One little first grade boy told me, "I like how smooth you got your hair today. It looks much better than yesterday."  Then he asked me if I got it that smooth by using "one of those things that can burn you".  Sweet.  Maybe he's the next Vidal Sassoon?  I don't even know if I spelled that right.

4.  Brenna is in 8th grade.  I just have to say that from time-to-time so I will start believing it.  Cuz I really picture that girl quite smaller than she is.  She is doing a fantastic job in school, happily surprising me around every corner.  Friends are calling her for math help!  Wowzers.

5.  Alex has retained his spot in the top 7 Varsity group for this entire season so far.  I'm so proud of his hard work.  He ran his first 5K in under 18 minutes last week.  I mean really, now.  His coach referred to him as "The poster child for hard work".  That feels so good to hear, so thankful for where we've come together.

6.  I now have to choreograph a dance for another squad on Tuesday.  I'm now so far out of my box that the box has been hauled off with the recycling.  I'm happy to help, I'm sorry to give up the mental energy and time.  Temporary.  It's temporary.

7.  Today we met Alex's date to pick out his accessory package for his tux.  Let me rephrase that.  Today we met Alex's date to approve the accessories she picked out for Alex to wear with his tux.  She is a beautiful, smart, spunky girl.  Love her, and my little boy is going to look smashingly handsome in his jazzed up tux with this beautiful girl on his arm!  I got a bit teary-eyed, yes I did.  Oh, and she sent Alex a text letting him know that she wanted him to dance with her, not stand along the side and look awkward.  How much do you love that?  He replied that he would do his best!  He'll do great.  I will, no matter the craziness, take the time to blog all those fun pictures and stories! 

8.  I made a yummy, yummy pumpkin pull-apart this weekend that just warms my heart to remember.  The smell of it cooking, the taste of will have to be a recipe that I post soon.

9.  I quite love the blustery weather that is blowing in and out.  Very Fall-ish.  I'm a big fan of the weather matching the season we are in.  Hello, sweet Fall.  Hello, apple cider.  Hello, pumpkin bread.  Hello, cozy blankets.  Love it.

10.  The Seahawks almost pulled off a beautiful thing today.  They still made it fun.  Win, lose, whatever.  I love them.

11.  The Amazing Race started last week.  I saw a bit of it last week, now I'm listening but not watching.  Now it's time to go watch.

12.  The end.


  1. I love that I got to catch up by reading what is happening with you. I am thinkin' I need to see you on your 'new' adventure of homecoming? Ok, glad you are going before me on this one.

  2. You've got me beat... apparently I'm a "bi-monthly" blogger!

  3. Not to worry! I blog when the inspiration hits me and that can be VERY sporadic! I do do life! It's all good! LOL

    A. Claudia