Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Post In Which The Pictures Really Should Do All The Talking

Yes, the pictures tell the story well enough, I suppose.  But I am not even going to pretend to kid myself: I have to use words as well.  And yet I suspect that my words will fail to tell the story the way it's written in my heart.  Because this little boy is indeed growing up.  And I love it.  I love it so much, watching glimpses of him as a man.  I see this little boy wearing a tux several times a year.  But last night was special, and it made me feel two things very strongly:  first, I felt very proud.  And right on the heels of that I felt very old.  But mostly proud.  And happy.  And full of gratitude:  that life is just so simple and good right now.  And that he doesn't roll his eyes when I need just one more picture.  And that he lets me run through the long list of "rules" about being a gentleman just one more time.  And that he asks me what I think.  And that he listens.

It is a long story how this sweet date came to be, and it doesn't really matter anymore.  But I'm so happy that he got to take his good friend to a fun dance and have such a great time.  The gorgeous and happy and smart and spunky girl on his arm is a lovely young lady.  I grew up a few houses down from her grandparents (and dad, although I trailed a bit behind in years so don't have a single memory of him).  When I picture her grandparents, I just picture such warm and loving and kind people, and I can clearly see her grandmother's smile in my mind.  I was delighted, de-lighted, when I figured out the connection a couple years ago.  Truly a "small world" moment.  And when Alex decided that he was going to ask her to her homecoming?  The delight was just as strong.

(See?  I knew I couldn't just post pictures!)

Now for the fun night:  so many stories.

(This would be a good time to rub your eyes and re-set your focus.  This is a long one.) 

The rented vest and tie to go with his tux?  Beautiful compliment to her dress, horrible fit on the vest.  We took it in to see if they could help make it fit better.  Long story, but in the end, the lady said, "Don't worry, you'll look fine.  It will be dark in there."  I told her I didn't like that she said that.  And she was wrong, wrong, wrong.  He looked just as handsome as could be, even in the beautiful daylight! 

First up was to go meet up with the group and meet the limo!

false alarm ~ this provided temporary excitement, but not their group's limo!

meeting up for the slightly awkward flower exchange.  he wasn't entirely sure what he was expected to do, so after he got it out, he said, "Here," and handed it to her!  Pretty cute moment.

McKenzie knew just what to do...

...errr, maybe not so much.

Mom to the rescue!!  (And I LOVE this mom.  She grilled my son the night before: "Do you have clean black shoes?  Black socks?  Did you pick up your vest and tie?  I'm so glad you got your haircut, it looks much better!"  He got a big kick out of it.)

Then it was time for the required picture posing:

All set to pile into the limo and head off for more pictures!

Next stop was a park by the lake to take some more posed shots:

And I Loooove the shots in between the posed shots.  These two laughed and laughed...


I love laughter...

One of my favorites:

Back in the limo to head for dinner:

McKenzie's mom followed them to dinner to "get a picture".  But also to hop in the limo for a ride while the kids were eating! 

After dinner they headed over to the dance, which apparently was a great time and Alex did his best to dance with her a bunch! 

Then after the dance a group of them went bowling...a fun way to end a great evening!

Sweet friends had a fun evening together, and this momma loved every moment!


  1. So fun! Awesome pictures of Alex and McKenzie. Love how they ended the night with bowling!

  2. This Momma loved every moment, I love this so much!!!! He is one handsome boy with a cute darling on his arm, love it Leanne!

  3. BOWLING! How fun is that, I LOVE it! These are great pictures. McKenzie is the spittin' image of her mom, and just all cuteness. I'm so glad you shared these pictures. Where did the little boy, um, preteen go? What a handsome young man Alex is and I have no doubt he was a gentleman all night. fun fun fun!