Sunday, October 16, 2011

Handsome Dude ~ Part Deux

Homecoming 2011 ended up being a two-part wonder for my handsome son.  Last night was his high school's homecoming, and he went with a FUN group!  As I started typing this, it occured to me that I never asked why they didn't go to the dance, but the plan from the beginning was to get all dressed up, go out for a nice dinner, and then just have a fun game night together.  The plans came together in a very teenager-ish way.  Although within the group they were paired off as "dates", it really was just a group of good friends who had a fun night together.  A bunch of nuts, these boys are.  The pictures below will testify to that:

 The beautiful Melanie.  Another small world, Brad and I went to school with her parents!

 Good lookin' kids and all, but look at that glorious sky!

 The boys in all their handsomeness.

 Look's a wink-off.

 Two things this picture doesn't show:  the beautiful Capitol Building as beautiful as it was; how c-c-cold we were.  Melanie's teeth were chattering!

 The cross country boys showing their moves.

 Melanie wanted this picture to show her beautiful hair, I guess!

Two things about the above picture: MY SON ASKED IF I'D LIKE TO TAKE A PICTURE WITH HIM!!  (Pardon me while I wipe a tear.) And...I had come straight from coaching my cheer girls, and was on my way to one last week.  Not that anyone but me cares, but I do not wear that jacket every single Saturday.

The group of parents kind of sort of followed them when they walked to the restaraunt, and it just so happened they were seated right by the big 'ole window.  And I may or may not have gone up to the window and waved wildly so he would turn around so I could get one last picture.

And obviously I love my boy.  And ya know, this boy loves his momma.

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