Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Wednesday Laugh

Okay, I just saw this on Pinterest, and it made me laugh.  Laughing is so good for the soul, good medicine indeed.  So I thought I'd share it for two reasons:  maybe someone will stumble into this that needs to laugh; and I now have it on here to pull up any time I need to chuckle again.  I could say SO MUCH about this, trust me, but I won't.  I have 30 minutes to get some work done for my practice tonight, and instead I'm poking around on Pinterest, thinking about making cookies, and chuckling at silly pictures.  Welcome to my mind.

Here's your Wednesday laugh for the day:

I don't know what year this is from or from where.  But I just have to add that her "not skinny" is looking like my goal weight. 

Happy Wednesday!

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