Thursday, June 30, 2011

Consider Yourself Warned

Hang on.  Hang.  On.  Figuratively, if you are just reading this.  And literally to myself.  Double check my seatbelt.  Take a deep breath.  Exhale.  And hang on.


The little man got his permit.  He has officially, through some pathetically easy test and a vision test that he passed but gave us concern, been declared permitted to drive in the state of Washington.  Oh, my.  I don't want to hear about how easy this is going to make my life.  I don't want to hear about how this may benefit me.  I just want to sit in the "oh, my" phase for a bit. 

I need to interrupt this to say that the vision test??  When they ask if the dot is inside or outside the box???  Pause.  Long pause.  "Okay, hold on.  Ummm...."  The lady repeats the question.  "Well, I'm waiting for the dot to stop moving.  There!  Well, it's mostly outside but it's bouncing back and forth."  The lady asks him to pull his head back, blink several times and try again.  He tries again.  "Okay, now I have to wait a minute.  Yep, it's still outside mostly.  Or, wait.  Yeah.  Outside, I think."

The thing is, the dot doesn't move.  And it was on the inside.  She suggested I take him to see an eye doctor because his eyes aren't working together.  And they passed him to DRIVE!  (The explanation being that he still had greater than 20/40 vision, so he's clearly seeing fine.  Well then why do they bother with the other test???)

Anyway, back to the "oh, my" for the mom.  I know he's 6'1", and he's old enough and he's a good kid and he'll do great, but geeze Louise.  I'm just at a loss for words.

He's doing great.  He really is.  But just in case you are driving around the state, please watch out for a white Corolla and a tan Sienna.  Please allow greater than the required personal space.  Please drive safely around him.  And consider yourself warned.  There's a new driver out there.  And he's very precious to me...

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