Friday, July 8, 2011

Where Shall I Start? Blueberry Hills, Of Course!!

I have to say this straight up:  I'm not much in the mood to post vacation pics here, because I'm not much in the mood to admit vacation is something to be summarized yet.  I don't want it to be over yet.  We even stayed an extra night because we weren't ready for it to end (more on that later).  And we still weren't after an extra night.  I actually cried as we pulled out of town.  But it was so sweet while it lasted, and we are all so thankful for the time away.  We crammed a whole lotta fun and a whole lotta lovin' into our week away!

And where do I start? 

Not at the beginning.  That would be too predictable.

Actually, where I'm going to start is even more predictable than the beginning.

Yep, I'm starting off with our time at Blueberry Hills!  My favorite food experience.  Period.  This place just flat-out captured my heart a few years ago, and it's now become an annual pilgrimage I must make.  I love the atmosphere. I love the relaxed state of the people, the surroundings and the food.  Yes, the food is relaxed. I kid you not.  It's like the waffles, the bacon, the peaches, the coffee... it all knows that this is a place to be relaxed.  And aren't we all sweeter and just nicer to be around when we are relaxed?  Well, so is this food.  I love to just stare out at the surroundings.  I love to stare at people while trying to not be obvious that I'm staring.  People watching is primo when you are watching relaxed people.  I love watching people eat their food.  I have to refrain myself from saying, "Isn't that DIVINE???!!!"  Or from injecting myself into conversations.  Or from asking people if it's their first time, if they know the wonder they are about to behold.  Well, actually, I do do that while I'm waiting in line.  If I see someone brooding over the menu, I offer up my guidance.  I gush about all the things I have sampled over the years, ultimately trying to convince them they will not be disappointed with any choice.  Biscuits and Gravy?  It'll make you cry.  A happy cry.  Eggs Benedict?  You will shush everyone at the table and ask them to give you a moment of reverence.  Pepe Scramble?  (that should have a little thingy over the last "e" in Pepe, but I don't know how to do that.) That dish will make you so thankful to be a carnivore, so thankful that you may think it's Thanksgiving Day and put yourself down for a post-meal nap when you are done.  And, of course, my beloved waffles.  Oh.  Oh, please.  That Coconut Creme Waffle with Peach Pie Topping?  That makes me acutely aware of each and every taste bud alive in my mouth.  And so very thankful for each one.  "Taste and see that the Lord is good...?"  THIS is what He meant.

If you think I'm exaggerating, you need to go read this post from last year.  I'm a girl with a devoted heart.

Here's a little temptation for ya:

Hello, precious.  I miss you.

These two beauties know what is good and true in this life.

The only thing that kept me from crying over the last bite was the aching in my belly telling me that it could not handle anymore.  As a disclaimer, Brad ate my bacon and had a couple bites of my waffle, but otherwise I totally ate the whole thing.

Alex went a little off our beaten path and had the BLT with Tomato Bisque.  He LOVED it, and now I have to learn how to make that soup for him.  I had a bite, and he's right:  it's fabulous!  Creamy with the perfect kick of spice.

(By the way, this boy ran 5 days of our vacation, and each running route took him past Blueberrry Hills.  He'd come home each morning with a recap of the run, momma's ears perking at the part where "Blueberry Hills" came out of his mouth...)

The only thing I have to say about this picture is that I love this man so very much.

And then, no pilgrimage to Blueberry Hills will ever be complete again without a hug and a visit with Kari. 

She's as pretty as her food is yummy!

This sweet girl is responsible for making the magic happen.  She is such a hoot!  We chuckled over one of her witty remarks long after we left:  Last year she printed out a special menu for me, changing the name of the waffle to "Leanne's Coconut Creme Waffles With Peaches".  She forgot to change it back, and accidentally printed out 100 of those menus.  They still show up from time to time, and I had friends texting me last summer saying, "You are on the menu at Blueberry Hills!!"  THRILLED ME!  And I told Kari how I loved that I made my mark.  Without a beat, she said, "And you didn't even have to lift your leg and pee on the building!"  She's a gem.

Oh!  And the pie!!!  This year I shared my peach pie with the whole family.  Pepe took Kari's recipe and knocked it out of the park again.  You know Bob Wylie in What About Bob?  The scene where he's eating the chicken with Dr. Marvin and his family?  We were all Bob Wylie while we ate that pie.  "Mmmmm.   Mm.  Mm. Mm.  Mm.  Mm..... Mmmmmm!"

The food was fabulous again, and we made more memories together.  My sweet kids have a bit of a nut for a mom, when it comes to food.  But I think in this case they are better for it! 

More vacation moments to come soon.  But for now, I think we'll just let this be.  I'm now lost in happy thoughts of yeast waffles, coconut, almonds, peaches....

****AND!  If you are local, Evening Magazine is going to be taping at Blueberry Hills next week!  Keep your eyes peeled for that, actually I'll probably send out an alert when I see that it's airing!! ****


  1. One day I'm gonna make it here. Oh, and you look beautiful and happy in this picture my friend. Waffles and family do you well.

  2. You look soooooo young and pretty in those pics.

    I'm glad your time was so sweet.


  3. I would love for Lrry and I to meet up with you guys at Blueberry Hill sometime!
    So glad you all had such a nice time!