Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Being Playful ~ Part One

Oh, my goodness.  Almost a week has gone by since I posted about being still on vacation.  How long ago was it that I was being still?  It seems so long ago.  The busyness came back in a flurry.  Like throwing a bunch of feathers into a fan.

Well, time to reminisce about some fun.  The good kind of busyness.  The playful kind.

Oh, we had lots of playfulness during our week away. Really, it was all play.  Even the relaxing was play.  But the play play?  It was bountiful.

I can't quite decide how to break up the replay of our play.  So I think I'll be a bit random.

On the fourth, we were treated to a small, very small, parade right outside our door.  These little kids were putting all they had into this parade, complete with singing "God Bless America" at the top of their robust lungs.  And one particular little parade participant just cracked me up:

Is this not all things Americana?  This flag-waving, soggy diaper-clad child was just a hoot, leading this parade with the confidence and authority of a child at least twice his age.  I do wish you could see the view from the front, it was a sight to behold.

We walked through downtown Manson to feast on shaved ice.  There is something very relaxing about being in the midst of people who are all vacationing.  People are more chatty about everything and anything, walking slower is not an annoyance, and dangling your feet in the lake while eating shaved ice is considered the active part of your day.

If I have my thoughts right, this was the first dip in the c-c-c-cold lake!  This was the first of many cycles of swimming in the lake, warming in the sun: rinse, repeat.

Sweet sisters:

Sweet trio:

Of course, never one to do things the easy way, Beth found a floating log and bobbed around on that instead of her noodle!  It became an on-going comical sight of Beth bobbing on a log, Beth chasing a log, Beth grabbing a log, Beth chasing a log.  Over and over and over.

Next it was time for the wave runner day!  We had a perfect day to do this.  We went out of Chelan a ways and played on the river.  We chatted with the guy we rent from and asked where we should beach for the day.  He directed us to an island that was perfect.  We had a chunk of beach totally to ourselves, other groups were around the corner, but not visible.  All.  Alone.  We had some views of homes that I drooled over a bit.  Lovely, peaceful day complete with:

rock climbing

floaty lounging

more floaty lounging

wave runner riding

more floaty loungy and great conversation

fast wave runner riding

and some picture posing!

This post has taken me three attempts to get completed.  My life is consumed with cheer uniform fittings right now, and I must get back to that.  My mind sure loved the vacation break these pictures brought!  More soon....

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