Sunday, June 19, 2011

Loved Beyond Measure...

This was the very moment that you became a father:

And from that moment to now, you have spent every day giving your best, loving your best, and leading your best.  You are present in your kids' lives in every way.  You are plugged in, you are attentive, you are patient, you LOVE them in the truest way.

Our son has a man in his life to aspire to be like.

Our daughters have a man in their lives to be THE standard.

I'm so glad we made a family together, Brad.  Our kids are blessed more than they know to be engulfed in love by a man who takes his job of being their father very seriously, and who has a lot of fun doing it.  And they are blessed to be led by a man who is led by Christ.  You lead with such a gentle strength, and you are unwavering in your priorities.

Thanks for giving your best every day.  You are loved beyond measure!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!

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