Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Amazing How I Can Overestimate My Ability To Focus And My Ability To Sleep On A Floor

My brain is going in so many different directions, I'm having trouble getting it to focus on just one story.  And I really want to tell this one story.  Maybe it's from hanging around the little ones at school so much, they are rubbing off on me.  Focus.  Focus.

No.  Focusing is highly overrated.  I'll just let the randomness out and then I can tell my story.

I fell back in love with peanut butter cookies recently.  I made them like thumbprint cookies and filled them with a dark chocolate ganache.  Sweet, sweet love.

I am so sick of discussions of finals and schedules and projects and...school.  This has been an exceptionally heavy couple months, and we are just all ready to be done.  Most people are, so I'm not alone.  Getting home another project assignment (due on the last full day of school) just about did me in.

I only have to pack lunches for 6 more days.  I know that in a few weeks I'll be cleaning my kitchen more and feeding more children than I do when I pack lunches and realizing all anew how very simple it is to pack lunches.  But for now I'm tired of this routine and ready for a new one.

I lost a bet with Brad this morning.  The stakes?  Winner got to pick the next movie we see.  High stakes, considering we see about 2 movies a year.  I could swear that our recycling and yard waste was just picked up last week.  No, he was certain that it was the week for all 3 cans.  So we shook hands on it.  And this morning, when the recycle truck pulled away, I texted him and told him he was right.  Oh, well.  Give me a date with my man, a bucket of popcorn, and some peanut m&ms and I'll be alright.  Even if it is a movie I'd never pay to see.

I had the misfortune of being on a very squeaky elliptical thingy yesterday evening.  Beth is in her swimming lesson, I'm cramming in a workout, hopped on the only available machine.  The guy on a bike next to me was very disturbed with the squeak that came out of every right pedal.  I don't think I've ever been glared at so much in 40 minutes.  It wasn't me squeaking, it was the machine!!!  A different one opened up with only 7 minutes left in my workout.  I could have moved, but by then I had a bit of an attitude about his attitude.  Plus who wants to stop with just 7 minutes left and restart?  Not me.

I feel a bit better now.  I think I'm ready to recap the story I meant to start off with...

This weekend Beth and I went away with her Girl Scout troop for our end of year/end of TROOP celebration.  This is our fifth year with this sweet group, and the troop is not going to continue.  And can I say how I feel about being done?  YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!  No more selling cookies!!!!  No more sewing patches!!!!!  I will miss the fun with these moms, and miss watching the girls be together.  Sometimes you don't even realize the things you will miss until you are at the end.

We made a bee-line for the beach right after school.  Phyllis was so sweet to open up her new "cabin" for us to have a beach sleep-over with 16 girls and 9 moms.  The girls played endlessly while the moms covered every topic from our men, birthing stories, religion, some gentle politics, teachers, food, and just about everything else. 

notice what came washing up at Beth's feet...

I wish I would have taken a picture of all the sleeping bags/air mattresses crammed together.  It was quite a sight.  There was no room for my mega-sized queen air bed, so I happily just slept on the floor with my sleeping bag.  Well, let me tell you...I woefully overestimated my ability to sleep on the floor.  I've officially crossed over that line.  Oh, my aching hips!  Everything hurt when I "woke up".  I say "woke up" because I'm not sure any of us really slept.

We spent the next afternoon at the Y, and I headed straight for the hot tub.  Oh, how it revived me.  The girls (and some moms!) had a great time on the water slide and spinning around in the lazy river.  (I only lasted about 10 minutes in the lazy river before the dizzy set in.  I'm such a wimp.)

It was a great weekend with some great girls, great moms, and most of all my favorite youngest daughter. 

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  1. Love this post, we are on the same wave length, I just made PB cookies myself not with chocolate in them though, yum! I love the rest too. I'm sorry about your hips, and the man glaring! I'm sick of school subject too, let's be done already PLEASE!