Thursday, June 23, 2011

Laying Down the Summer Laws

One more day.  One more morning waking to an alarm clock for awhile.  One more evening of the oldest getting ready for finals.  This time tomorrow, it will officially be summer vacation in this house.  Yahoooooo!

With the changing of the routine, there is always an adjustment period.  Adjusting to being together more.  Adjusting to new (and improved!) sleep routines.  Adjusting to the filling of more free time.  Those are all great adjustments to make.  But even adjustments to great things must come with boundaries.  For our own protection.

With that being said, momma is layin' down the law.  Before we even enter the new day, I'm breaking out our Summer Laws.

This is a gift to you, my children.  Remember, your lives are filled with peace when you live by the law.  These are listed in no particular order.

1.  Boredom is forbidden.  You have each other, you have friends, you have all sorts of gadgets and toys and brilliant minds that should keep you engaged for all of July and August.  If the word "bored" comes out of your mouths, you know I'll put you to work.

2.  I will continue to buy the same amount of food I buy throughout the school year.  If you choose to graze on food simply because you are home more, you are going to be very disappointed in the limited offerings you'll have the next day.

3.  Friends over?  YES PLEASE!  Every day and night?  No thank you.  Momma needs her vacation too.  And, refer to rule #2.  I will happily feed your friends, of course.  Every day and night?  No thank you.  (You know your friends are ALWAYS welcome, just not every night.)

4.  If you take the family phone into your bedroom to giggle with your friends during a prolonged phone conversation, please return the phone to homebase when the call ends.

5.  You will have fun this summer.  I promise.  And I promise you I will have fun this summer too.  My fun may look different than your fun, and you may not hassle me about that.  For example, I will go out to coffee with friends.  Without you.  And I promise you it won't ruin your life.

6.  Please remember the mother of all "living together in peace rules":  If you open it, close it; if you fill it, flush it; if you spill it, clean it up; if you drop it, pick it up; if you empty it, throw it out!

7.  Your dad and I love having you home more.  We do.  But we also love our quiet time together occasionally.  Let us have it, and we will be happier parents.

8.  If you change your clothes 30 times in one day, you are responsible for your own laundry.

9.  You will be kind to each other.  Remember, your siblings have been given to you for a reason.  You will be friends with each other.  If you start having trouble with that, I will ensure that you get A LOT more together time so you can practice how to be friends.

"How good and pleasant it is when brothers (and sisters) live together in unity."  Proverbs 133:1

Amen and Happy Summer to my children!


  1. I LOVE THIS LIST, I will, I will, copy it, it all!Of course the favorites that stand out, is the boredom thing? When I was a kid it was considered a four letter word that caused major chores, and it does stand in this house too. Oh, and the phone on home base? WHY, oh WHY am I the ONLY one that knows where that is? It's like I've changed it from day to day and they can't find it, NOT TRUE! UGH!! Great rule!

    Happy summer, I'm excited ours starts off with Archie, I hope he can handle Jordan and his enthusiasm over bossing him around! :)

  2. Oh Leanne. This is too funny and ALL TOO TRUE! lOVE IT!!!!!!!!!