Monday, June 20, 2011

Multitudes on Monday ~ There's Something About the Ocean

Happy last Monday of the school year (for us)!  I am so very glad to say that.  And I'm so very glad that the sun showed up in all its glory today.  The sun is giving me that giddy feeling inside...summer is almost here!!

We spent a very peaceful day at the ocean celebrating Father's Day.  That all deserves its own post, but most of my list will come from that day.  It was heavily clouded, but not a drop of rain.  Enough wind up high to fly kites, but no wind to blow sand or make you fight your hair.  Very few other people there, so we felt like we had our space to enjoy ourselves.  I even sat in the warm van for an hour and read.  Peace.

411.  Sand between my toes.
412.  How the loud roar of the ocean makes everything feel so quiet.
413.  The perfect blend of heavy clouds that makes the sky and ocean meet.

414.  Standing beside the ocean and feeling so very small, in a good way.
415.  Happy discoveries that thrill my kids.
416.  Being able to shout at the top of your lungs and still have your voice be lost.
417.  A break for part of the projects, no studying, no homework questions.
418.  A man that knows he is deeply loved by his kids.

419.  Having the courage to let my son drive.  On the beach.  Even if we may have been temporarily stuck in the sand.
420.  A beautiful song that takes root in my head everytime I go to the ocean.

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