Sunday, June 5, 2011

It Feels So Good To Accomplish So Little

It's always the little things.  The little things that become the last straw.  The little things that become the favorite things.  The little things that remain the undone things.

Well, today was a day full of little things for me.  The undone kind.  The kind of things that doing them feels so good because only when you've done them do you realize how much they've been hanging over your head taunting you.  THAT was not a little sentence.  Ah, well.  That's okay.  Balance is good.  Little things, long sentences.  Balance.

My little things today?

*cleaning out my inbox

*cleaning out my sent items
*cleaning out my junk folder (and realizing a lot of stuff has gone to junk that should never have gone to junk, and then feeling bad that I ignored things that should not have been ignored, and then letting it go because it obviously did not cause the world to end.)
*hitting the "empty deleted folder" and watching everything poof away!

*cleaning out all my work emails, starting to wind down the year in a tangible way!

*washing windows

*cleaning the track and frame of the sliding glass door.  eeeewwww!  but aaahhhh!!!

*cleaning out the little drawer dividers in my bathroom drawers, wiping everything clean and fresh!

*sorting through all the stacks of papers that have accumulated and taking a big load to the recycling, filing away a stack, preparing a place for the new stack to begin.

*cleaning off schedules stuck to the side of the fridge that have been there since September ~ and now we are done!  again, winding up the year in a tangible way!

*writing the week's schedule on the white board and realizing it will be busy but do-able.

*doing the fourth load of laundry, noticing the soap is on the low side, then discovering today is the last day for that coupon at Costco...and getting there in time to restock!  (As close as I get to Extreme Couponing.)

*stopping in between these things to do my planks and dips.

*deciding which meat from the freezer is on the menu for the week.

*reading the Sunday paper...on SUNDAY!

*and taking the time to tell this boy that he's a good boy, and that his willingness to be accessorized by little girls does not go unappreciated.

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