Saturday, March 20, 2010

Two Happy Flautists

Today our family musical spotlight was shining brightly on Brenna!  She has worked so hard this year, growing into quite the happy little flautist.  And I didn't even know the word "flautist" until she started playing the flute.  I still think it should be flutist.  I mean really:  there's a bassoonist, a pianist, a violinist, a cellist and then a flautist??  Anyway...

Brenna has been working on a duet with her very close friend, Julia, for the last couple months.  Today they finally got to play it at the Solo/Ensemble Festival for an adjudicator.

They practiced literally for two hours yesterday, were outfitted in matching outfits, complete with a dress rehearsal with Alex playing the part of the adjudicator.  The dress rehearsal brought a bit of's very hard to play the flute when you have the giggles, you see. 

the dress rehearsal

They got up this morning wanting their hair curled in matching styles, of course.  Happy to do it.  Since I can't pass along any musical wisdom, at least I can make their hair look pretty!

gettin' the sillies out

I'm happy to say that their performance today could not have gone any better!  Neither of them appeared the least bit nervous, so they apparently giggled all that out last night.  They both played with great poise and confidence...and I'm so proud.  Music has not come completely naturally to Brenna, and she has had to work very hard.  But in true Brenna form, she just decided to work hard everyday and it has worked!

one last practice, and then...

...the big performance!

And the adjudicator was quite happy with their performance, right down to the matching outfits!  We just heard that they scored a Superior on that duet!  A big, hard-earned and much-deserved WOO-HOO to Brenna and Julia!!!

So, of course, we had to get the celebratory ice cream to complete this happy day!

Great job, Julia and Brenna!!


  1. GOOD JOB BRENNA! I knew that you would do fine! So cool that you got to do it with one of your friends! Isnt it a great feeling when you work really hard on something then you finally get the reward? Oh, and the ice cream looks yummy too!

  2. We love the pictures. Reading this is like reading a great short story. Thanks a lot!

  3. I love the outfits! It's hard to believe that Brenna isn't a little girl anymore. It goes so fast.

  4. Boy does that take me back. Reminds me so much of Stephanie and her best friend Denise doing the same thing. I can't remember what they played but I can remember on of the outfits that Stephanie wore and the nervousness of the day...and they got great scores,seems like so long ago but it really wasn't to long ago. (I'm getting old) And come to think of it, it was the same flute! Must be the flute. LOL darrlyn