Thursday, March 18, 2010


I had another day back in the pre-school class today.  Here are some gems that I just had to document:

~One little boy with a physical handicap has so very much charm and the most darling face that you very quickly don't even notice the part that is different.  Just the sweetest little guy.  While we were playing in the "deep, dark cave" (which was actually a bathroom playing the part of a cave, complete with glow-in-the-dark bugs on the walls and pre-schoolers with explorer hats and flashlights), one of the little girls said, "Ooh, I'm scared!"  She said it in a very playful, not-really-scared-but-playing-the-part-for-fun kind of voice.  This little boy put his arm around her shoulder and said, "Don't be scared, "Jane", you're my girl."  Sweetness.

~A profoundly sweet (when she wants to be)/profoundly autistic little girl let me push her on the swings today (a big deal), and threw her head back and laughed at the sun on her face and the wind blowing her hair back.  A perfectly "normal" recess and a nearly autistic-free moment that I got to witness.  After recess, I was sitting by her at the snack table, and she linked her arm through mine for a brief moment.  Connection.  More sweetness.

~And, lastly, a little boy whose name I wish I could use because it's a very fun name that makes you smile, gave me quite the compliment.  I was wearing a pink sweater today, and towards the end of the day he said, "Leanne, you are pink-alicious today!!"  In my 40 years, I do believe this is the first time I have been called pink-alicious!  That's some kind of pink-alicious sweetness!

That all adds up to a pretty fabulous day. 

The previous two days, I heard more profanity than I do believe I have heard in my life combined.  Some combinations of words that I didn't even know existed.  Absolutely assaulting to the ears.  And absolutely heartbreaking to see late-elementary aged boys with such rage inside of them.  And yet, I loved those two days with them also.  Different, but good.  And the attempt to throw the chair across the room?  Intercepted by a gifted teacher with cat-like reflexes.  All those that do that day in and day out, and do it well, they are gems.

So to be ending my week with these littler people is quite refreshing.  Heart-warming.  Just plain pink-alicious.


  1. Leanne, I simply love your blog! I've used so many recipes 'cause I'm not a great cook! And, of course I love the pre-school recaps! Today one little boy was noticing my red bumps on my face and neck(yes, I could have lazer treatment, but it's mostly the pre-schoolers who take notice every now and again). I said "yes, they're just bumps" and his reply was; "must have been from the car accident!" Too funny. No matter how busy the day, there are always some great laughs and moments of pure joy with those little ones, no matter what the "disability".

    Connie Eldridge

  2. you are pinkalicious........I tell you that that color looks great on you every time you where it. That child has fashion sense I think. So, from now on, you are Miss Pinkalicious to me too.....with a great big smooch, muawa!