Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Graphite Tattoo and A Lipstick War

Over the last couple weeks there have been some interesting facial changes in both my girls.  Battle wounds, really.  One perhaps permanent, one temporary.

It all began innocently enough.  Homework was being done side-by-side at the dining room table while enjoying the beautiful view out the window.  Or maybe the beautiful view was being enjoyed out the window while a little homework was being done.  At one particular moment, one girl was looking up, one looking down.  There was suddenly something exciting to see, and exclamation of "Oh, look!", a pointing hand that was holding a newly sharpened pencil, a chin turning into the pointing hand...and in a matter of seconds there was a tip of a pencil lodged in my daughter's chin.  We cleaned it like a sliver, following doctor's directions.  Those directions came with this disclaimer:  "It is possible that after cleaning everything out a black mark will remain there.  It's called a 'graphite tattoo' and is common with that type of injury."  I asked what she meant by the mark remaining there...forever?  There was a pause, and then, "Umm, yeah, most likely."  Sure enough, despite all our attempts, there remains a black mark that looks like it would be easy enough to pull out of there.  Forever?  Time will tell.  Brad has a graphite tattoo on his hand, we just didn't know that's what it was called.  She is a lot like her sweet daddy...this is just the one child I felt very confident would never consider tattooing herself.

terrible picture, but you can get the idea

Flashing forward a couple weeks, and my other daughter waged a war against a very innocent lipstick.  She woefully underestimated her opponent, and came out on the losing end.  It all began at a sleep-over.  The girls decided to do make-overs on each other, using the cheap dress-up lipsticks.  Then they decided to kick it up a notch and do blindfolded make-overs.  One thing led to another, and apparently these girls had lipstick caked onto their faces, in their eyebrows, covering just about every piece of skin on their face.  No pictures were taken at this stage of the war, due to the fact that the only photo journalist available at the moment turned into a very freaked out dad with one glance at the faces before him.  The second mission of the war began immediately, and lasted about 45 minutes, the weapon of choice being soap and washcloths.  And a lot of manual labor.  The result?  My daughter literally scrubbed the skin off her cheek.  From the description, this lipstick dried on like stretched and stuck bubble gum, and was very resistant to any removal.  And the dad was the only help available at that moment.  So when I saw my daughter the next morning, cheek swollen and looking like she had a road rash, it was obvious to me that a lesson had surely been learned.  I don't think she will ever enter a war with a lipstick again.  At least not blindfolded.

this was day 2, it is healing quickly, to her great relief.


  1. Oh dear! The graphite tattoo I might have to someday deal with but hopefully with two boys I am safe from the lipstick wars. Ouch. Hope you heal quickly Beth.

    Mrs. Joss

  2. That Brenna would have to some day do something that was rebellious, she just did it by accident. (of course) that is so funny!I don't think I will read this to my boys they might try it for reals because it is so 'cool'! The lipstick war? ouch!

  3. You probably have never noticed, but Nolen has a hraphite tatoo. It was the first day of school in Mrs. Anderson's 1st grade class and he punctured himself. It's still there.i took him to the dermatologist and he said leave it be...unless it really bothers you to look at, which it doesn't. It offers a funny story. Tell her we sympathize! Shannon

  4. I also have a graphite tatoo in my arm. got it in 3rd grade when I dropped a pencil, reached down to pick it up, it bounce off the eraser and stuck in the underside of my arm.....still have the black mark but you really have to look to see it. So rest assured it will fade. as for the lipstick....i don't wear it!!